Why MiamiSmith?

Residing in Barcelona, Spain, my wife and I had the opportunity to have lunch in Cava y Hotel Mastinell, a small vineyard 56 kilometers away from La Sagrada Familia, the masterpiece created by Antonio Gaudí. In between distinct grape aromas and Mediterranean flavors, we understood that culinary experiences do not have to be expensive. Accompanied by a group of friends, we ordered a prix fixe menu consisting of three courses, unlimited cava, and unlimited wine from the Mastinell harvest for US$ 50 per person.

The idea of Miami Smith was born from this experience, a space for discovery accessible from any digital platform and able to recommend high quality places at reasonable prices. Initially, our efforts will be focused on restaurants with the purposeful goal of expanding our interests to bars, parks, theaters and other sources of entertainment in order to enjoy with family and friends.

The focal point of this narrative is food, so we will give an overview of what we look for at each restaurant: decoration, service and other aspects that contribute to the experience of enjoying life outside of our homes. After a couple of decades of residing in this city and having crisscrossed almost every nook and cranny in between South Beach and Little Havana, we feel the need to share the secrets of this metropolis.

We believe Miami is the city of the future because of its continuous growth to every extent; culture, gastronomy, art, business, commerce, quality of life, entertainment, and on top of everything for its geographical location, which places Miami as a central point between Latin America, Europe, New York and California.

Miami is the city celebrities chose to darken their skins, for families to be splashed with calm, for buildings to reach the clouds, for bottles of wine to entice tongues and through it all, to become the world's new capital.

Today, Miami breathes and envelops us with an unknown feeling, hypnotizing the locals and its tourists equally.

With extensive excitement, we initiate a journey of color, experiences and curiosities about Miami. Accompany us, our taste will be synced with our surroundings.