What is a Tapa?

It has been said that the origin a “tapa” comes from an episode in which monarch Alfonso XIII, King of Spain in 1902, had been served a glass of Jerez wine somewhere in the Spanish coast. Suddenly, winds rose high enough to sprinkle his wine with sand. In order to prevent it from happening again, the waiter placed a slice of ham over the glass.

When the king went to drink, he asked surprised: "What is this?". The waiter nervously answered: "Pardon my boldness Your Majesty, I've placed a lid (tapa) on your wine so that no more sand enters your glass". Alfonso XIII ate the slice of ham and ordered another Jerez, but "with another lid (tapa) like last time". The ones present chuckled at his wit and emulated the king by ordering the same.

Based on this anecdote, we've decided to categorize our experiences as Tapas de Contenido (Lids of Content). Each "Tapa" of Content reflects our contact with the place we've visited. It is a brief summary (honest, precise, and to the point) that will help you decide where to enjoy your free time.

  • Hearing our friend's joyous laughs while we share a glass of wine
  • Enjoying the aromas emanating from the langoustine pressed against the grill.
  • Observing  a sushi chef outlining a slice of tuna
  • The contact we come to have with the rough surface of an oyster shell
  • The flavorsome explosion that transpires when a mushroom is enveloped by our taste.

But more importantly, the use of common sense allows for a complete evaluation of the experience in a 360 degree view to offer concise information, with passion and gusto.