The top 10 Miami sport bars

The top 10 Miami sport bars

There is a fascinating and rich culture around sports in our city, not only are we proud to support first class teams and have the option to visit their impressive stadiums, we also have access to superb Miami sport bars that offer entertainment and leisure activities you can enjoy with friends and coworkers in this magical city.

The range is wide and diverse, we would like to offer you this list of the top 10 sport bars in Miami. Go ahead and use it to pick those who better suit your personality according to your taste and convenience. Do not miss on the opportunity to visit them, you will not regret taking a chance on them!

Kings Dining & Entertainment

Photo by Kings Dining & Entertainment

Located in Doral, this establishment offers great amenities: bowling, pool, foosball tables and even Jenga! Its gastronomic options include the best American cuisine has to offer, dishes are prepared with care and attention to minute details, using the finest ingredients and served by warm and courteous personnel. We can't forget to mention its great variety of cocktails and beverages which help create a wonderful atmosphere that will provide you with pleasant and unforgettable experiences.

Finnegan´s Way

Photo by Finnegan´s Way

You will be able to find this fine bar in the Ocean Drive area, just a few steps from the beach, making it a perfect place to close an afternoon at. It offers a fantastic Irish ambiance, the size of the drinks is generous and you will always be able to catch a season game on one of their huge video screens. Join them, get carried away by the excitement of local fans who never fail to fervently support their team!

Miller's Ale House

Photo by Miller's Ale House

An amazing location you can visit with a partner, family members and friends that is also kid-friendly. The meals are hearty, the attention offered by its employees is highly satisfactory, it features aesthetically pleasingly decorated areas that include large television monitors which will keep you from missing details on any of the sport events you will be able to enjoy while benefiting from the excellent service.  It is located in the Doral area and offers its own parking facilities.

Keg South of Kendall

Billiard tables, family atmosphere and the allure of one of the most delicious chicken wing recipes being served in the city! This restaurant has been a staple of Miami for over 25 years and despite the fact that it has changed owners, it has been able to maintain its original concept: to remain faithful to the best dishes in traditional American cooking. There is a very generous amount of television screens you can use to follow the progress of any game of your choice; the level of service being offered is outstanding.

Stone Sport Bar Brickell

Photo by Stone Sport Bar Brickell

This lounge offers one of the most appealing environments to be found through many sports bar in Miami. The latest in multimedia technology, giant screens displaying a variety of sport events simultaneously and large sofas where you can relax and enjoy your favorite game, make this place an ideal choice for enjoying a great time with romantic partners, family or friends. We don't recommend taking for granted the wonders on their menu, including the option of a tasty brunch! This locale features a very talented DJ who brightens up the scene during evenings and weekends.

American Social Bar

Photo by American Social Bar

Imagine watching an exhilarating game on a gigantic, 47-foot, floating LED screen with the Miami River in the background and, to take this experience even further, 52 additional monitors that won’t let you miss on the progress being made by your favorite team, regardless of where you may find yourself while enjoying this stunning place! The cocktails are prepared according to the occasion, the premises have been decorated tastefully, maintaining a high level of comfort for those who attend, making it an irresistible destination whenever you visit the Brickell area.

Sport Bar

The décor of this interesting establishment has been meticulously arranged, their Mojitos are among the most popular recreational beverages being served in town. Along with that specialty, their exquisite assortment of beers has struck the perfect balance between quality and attractive prices. If you happen to be near Coral Gables, don't miss on the opportunity to stop by and enjoy a truly remarkable experience!

Jaque Mate Cantina & Restaurant

Photo by Jaque Mate Cantina & Restaurant

Jaque Mate offers locations in Kendall and Dolphin, both excel at making sure customers receive premium service. The food is on par with the standards of American heritage, the menu entries leave nothing to be desired in terms of quantity and unique flavor. It boasts a welcoming and exclusive ambience, as well as large screens located in areas where it is easy to keep up to date with the dramatic developments in the sports favored by their clients.

Burger & Beer Joint Brickell

Photo by Burger & Beer Joint Brickell

A homely option that offers fine meals and unparalleled service, this is the perfect restaurant to share pleasant moments with family or friends while enjoying mouth-watering hamburgers that will keep you coming back over and over again. Outfitted with a myriad of widescreen televisions, this facility has been designed with the aim of maximizing the enjoyment out of any sporting event regardless of specialty or season.

Los Arcos Bar

"Miami Beach is not the same when the Los Arcos bar is closed". That's what people who visit this hangout love to say! The convivial and friendly mood that prevails there, along with an extensive choice of beers, is ideal for watching your favorite teams on a big screen while having a great time with family or friends. By the way, don't leave the venue without playing a game of darts or pool in order to relax and end the night on a high note.

There are plenty of reasons to regard sports as a relevant element that enhances the experiences of both locals and tourists. If you are just passing by or planning to visit, we would like to encourage you to give these wonderful Miami sport bars a chance; do not hesitate, an endless number of spectacular options await for you in The Magic City!

If you would like to take your sports experience up to the next level, remember: this is the city of the Marlins, Dolphins and Heat! Come along, join us and support our teams in their awe inspiring stadiums. To obtain information on how to achieve all this and much more, please follow this link