Hobie Island Beach Park

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Hobie Island Beach Park

Hobie Beach is the most popular beach in Miami for windsurfing. Located in Key Biscayne, it offers a distinctive experience with fun activities that will make you forget about the stressful bustle of the city and give you something new to tell your friends.

Water sports and a bit of adventure

Hobie Beach is part of a very calm, shallow bay of tepid water. This beach is also known as Winsurfer Beach for having run a windsurfing rental concession for more than twenty years. It is an ideal place in Miami to learn how to wind-surf or show off your skills if you are already a seasoned windsurfer. You can also enjoy kayaking and exploring the mangroves and estuaries. Although Hobie Beach comprises a small area, this little stretch of beach is a privileged spot where you get to appreciate the most striking views of the city skyline.

Pets are beach goers too

Another main feature of Hobie Beach is that pets are allowed under certain regulations, which sometimes are not fully met. Here you will be sharing your space with all kinds of canine friends frolicking along the bay. If you are an animal lover, then just relax and get ready for the fun; mind you, remember to bring plenty of fresh water to keep your pet hydrated.


Parking is free, that means that you will only have to pay a $1.5 toll to cross the causeway and enter Key Biscayne. Recently, new parking spaces have been set up, and the infrastructure have been re-done with plenty of restrooms and shower facilities. Security in the area has been increased and the parking area is just steps away from the beach, whose access is free too.

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