Places to take photos in Miami

Places to take photos in Miami

The charms of Miami go a long way, and photograph lovers know that. This city is a perfect spot where extraordinary places to take pictures such as beaches, museums, history-packed streets, these are just a handful of the venues that let you capture this ever surprising tropical paradise.

The cultural diversity has rendered Miami incredible and will make your camera’s lens go haywire with so many places to point it a on account to all the beauty you’ll find over the course of your touring the city. It is a sort of time travel where you will get to jump from modernity to retro just taking a few steps.

Wynwood Walls

Wynwood turned from an unremarkable Street into a spectacular outdoor gallery. Urban art is reflected on the walls of what once were storehouses and factories, nowadays covered by impressive expressive creations of emerging artists in the area. Galleries, restaurants, eclectic bars and many other cultural leisure venues outdoors are part of the proposal this neighborhood offers to explore it on foot. You’ll have hands down more than one selfie to share.

Pérez Art Museum Miami

Considered the most modern Art Museum in Miami and the continent, the structure, sitting on the banks of Biscayne Bay and occupying part of Museum Park, is the ideal place for rest and delight of art and nature lovers. Encompassing over 20,000 sq. ft, Perez Museum of Art integrates architecture and nature seamlessly. Dedicated to the fostering and divulgement of 20th and 21st century art, the museum’s roomy exhibition halls and big windows bathe the surroundings in light and invite everyone to enjoy the captivating views of Miami.

Photo by Frost Science

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

Located inside the Museum Park of Downtown Miami, The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science has turned into the most sophisticated, avant-garde museum of science. Four buildings make up the layout of this partially outdoor structure, and its lively exhibit-like design reflects physically and noticeably the changes in the atmosphere and mood of the city of Miami. This museum boasts an architecture that invites guests to partake in a unique experience; its planetarium, an intriguing sphere leading people off into the entrance, welcomes visitors and its oculus lensed and shaped three-story aquarium is another fantastic image to capture for the family albums or share on instagram.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

It has become an oasis of tranquility and peacefulness to get away from the bustling Miami Beach. Vizcaya Museum and gardens boasts 43 acres of land stretching over the breathtaking Biscayne Bay. Throughout the years, Vizcaya has transformed into one of the most iconic venues of Coconut Grove; its Renaissance like architecture, converging perfectly, right off the bat evokes the Italian Tuscany albeit boasting tropical vibes

South Beach

A vibrant neighborhood brimming with life, colors and flavors, where celebration is the common denominator, however, it is not the only thing that it offers: breathtaking turquoise blue beaches and the worldwide renowned Art Deco district are just a few of the background places you will be able to visit and admire. You will not want to miss these spots on your next trips to the Sunshine City.


Miami Design District

Design District is one of the neighborhoods consecrated to fashion, design, art, architecture and delightful gastronomy that has become in an artistic benchmark for design and fashion enthusiasts. This district where art has become cornerstone thanks to its many galleries and exhibits open to the public is situated due north of Midtown Miami. The high point of tourist attraction in the latest years for the Design District has been the Buckminster Fuller Fly’s Eye Dome, is a geodesic dome of 24 feet located at 140 NE, 39th Street, which has been in the spotlight for friends and family looking for a memorable picture. Design District is a landmark brimming with culture, design, fashion and style.

Miami Beach Boardwalk

Concrete and wood are bases of this famed boardwalk where you can walk, go jogging or biking while enjoying the amazing landscape of Miami Beach. Miami Beach Boardwalk is staple in any Miami’s photo album and the preferred spot to watch the sunrise and cherish its memory with the perfect instagrammable snapshots to brag about.

The beach

Another of the iconic places of Miami and for which it is surely well known are its beaches. The beaches of Miami famous for their white sand and blue turquoise waters that enthrall tourist and locals alike diving in them on top of a long shoreline where you can enjoy radiant sunlight and classic places where taking pictures is put on a whole other level.

Come, discover and live the Magic City visiting its best photo spots which any photography enthusiasts would love to share on their social networks and treasure forever.