All of the content developed by MiamiSmith is positioned in four zones. Zones 1 and 3 are on the West side of the the city, delimited by the Turnpike highway and Zones 2 and 4 are to the East, bordered by the beaches. To see how the zones are divided, go to the Zones section located at the upper right corner of the page.
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  • Wynwood Walls 4
  • Wynwood Walls 3
  • Wynwood Walls 2
  • Wynwood Walls 1
  • Miami Beach 7



Pipe Yanguas Photography Inc.

Pipe Yanguas delivers a fresh, natural and organic approach that channels the soul of any single moment. He was born in Colombia but as a teenager moved to Germany, then to Italy and currently lives in Miami. Pipe calls himself a ‘passion photographer’ as he works photographing the passions of people around the world. His gift, is the ability to unveil the art of the most simple common gesture.

T: +1.954.394.6120 (USA)   /   /   Instagram: pipeyanguas