Parking in Miami, a Hot Topic When It Comes to Visiting This City

Parking in Miami, a Hot Topic When It Comes to Visiting This City

Parking in Miami has certainly become an odyssey on account of the high number of vehicles moving through the city in addition to the high tourist demand the region experiences; hence you should take into consideration the most important factors when choosing your parking options highlighting types, prices, zones and hours.

It is a complex issue which we’ll try to tackle giving you tips and suggestions to make your visit to the Sunshine City as much comfortable as possible.

Types of Parking Available in the City

There is private and public parking (the latter not being free of charge despite being public). Given that Miami is a bustling tourist city, streets are always packed with people, yet the upside is that when visiting any shopping mall, restaurant or store, these will usually feature private parking to ease your stay.

Miami features parking areas in the streets run by on-street parking meters that hand out tickets for the time duration each driver has set. You can pay either by credit card or cash.

Regarding public parking there are two types of parking modalities you can find outdoor parking lots boasting spacious areas where the same principle of on-street parking meters is mostly followed, you pay for the estimated time you will be using the parking area; then we find the indoor parking lots where you will be given your ticket right at the moment of your entry, you pay the duration of your visit using the ticket when exiting the parking area.

Average costs and zones for parking in Miami

As we have already mentioned, parking in Miami is not free of charge but in some exceptional cases; in other words, every traveler must take into account parking expenses impacting in a way their finances.

No doubt tourist venues par excellence in the city boast the highest prices and limited parking time, a good example of this is South Beach where on-street parking costs an average of 4$ per hour, while parking lots save you a roughly 3$ per hour and you do not have to worry about keeping an eye on your ticket expiration time.

Generally speaking, most parking areas costs range in average from 1$ to 4$ per hour depending on the modality and location, the good news is that payment options are equally wide-ranging given that you can pay either by credit card or cash.

Restaurants, shops and malls also feature exclusive parking spots for customers where they can park their cars as long as they are using the services provided or purchasing featured goods of the businesses they are visiting.

We suggest not making use of these private parking spots if you are not consuming anything at the establishment because you could run the risk of having your car toiled and consequently fined you will have to pay and that will assuredly be more expensive than having parked for hours in the right place.

Parking Websites and Mobile Apps

Technology simplifies our lives a bit further every day, and paying your parking is no exception, nowadays you can pay via internet and mobile apps.


Photo by PayByPhone

is one of these services; with this parking app users only need to enter the location code of the place they wish to park and the estimated duration time. This app even lets you know when the time duration is expiring.


Photo by MyPark

is another app directed to drivers of Miami who want to book a parking spot at Dadeland Mall the latter granting 30 of the 7,000 parking spots it boasts to the mobile parking service. It costs 3$ the first two hours and 3$ for each additional hour thereafter.

Parking Lots That Are Something Else

It is uncommon that a parking lot catches your attention in any other way beyond whether it is convenient enough or not for your car, how dark or rundown it is, or how many floors it has.

Miami revolutionizes completely our concept of what a parking lot is taking them to a whole other level together with renowned building companies and architects envisioning modernity, thus turning the city into a worldwide landmark for urban car parks.

1111 Lincoln Rd

Photo by 1111 Lincoln Rd

This iconic urban structure of Miami Beach was designed by the internationally known Swiss architectural firm of Herzog & de Meuron. It is an open-air building with no exterior walls which allows daylight to enter treating you to spectacular views of the city.


Address: 1111 Lincoln Road, Suite 760 Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone number: 305-538-9320

Ballet Valet Parking Garage

Photo by ArquitectonicaGeo

Vegetation and cement come together to produce on the eye a unique and pleasant visual sensation that perfectly matches the surroundings and immediately puts this parking garage in the spotlight for everyone to notice. Arquitectonia is the architectural firm author of this wonder.


Address:  210 7th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

New World Symphony America´s Orchestral Academy

Frank Gehry is the mastermind behind this incredible urban parking lot that fuses seamlessly with the tantalizing new building of the New World Symphony America’s Orchestral Academy.


Address: 500 17th Street Miami Beach, FL 33139

Parking has become in recent times a toiling task too, yet by planning ahead and knowing well the options Miami offers, you won’t have anything to worry about.