Surfside is a small and appealing city in Miami that has been able to bring forth an identity of its own for more than 80 years, which sets it apart from the other big cities on the South Florida coastline best known as the American Riviera. Surfside is located between 88th Street and 96th Street of Collins Avenue, which traverses it in one single northbound route. The southbound avenue passing through Surfside is called Harding, and there is where the majority of local and touristic life takes place. An area full of restaurants, bars, stores and cafés; a place to have a good time, and everything just a step away from the beach. Surfside is literally in the middle of the renowned Bal Harbour and Miami Beach, which comprise its northern and southern boundaries, and yet, Surfside is distinguished from the latter for its urban development characterized by 12-story buildings (maximum allowed), which makes it unique in the concrete jungle that Miami is nowadays.

A historic district

Throughout history, Surfside has demonstrated its willingness to preserve its architectural, cultural and natural patrimony; recently, the Miami-Dade County Office of Historic Preservation designated, as part of the Collins Avenue Historic District, nine Art Deco and Miami Modern (MiMo) buildings constructed between 1946 and 1957 by noted Miami architects Gilbert M. Fein, Edward Nolan, Russell Pancoast and Henry Hohauser.

Arts and nature

Centered on sustainable development, Surfside strives for the preservation of the threatened Florida Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) that nests and lay eggs on its coast.

As homage to this endangered marine species, on 93rd Street midway between the Collins and Harding avenues, we can find the “Turtle Walk”, a sculptural ensemble consisting of 13 full-size turtle sculptures made of resin and fiberglass that were commissioned to a group of plastic artists.

Surfside’s coast mile turns out to be a placid, relaxing beachfront that is worth visiting. The coast boast a sand promenade ideal for outdoor activities and despite being a booming touristic area, it’s still a quiet place with many enjoyable locations.





Surfside is located in Zone 2 of Miami Smith’s map and is delimited as follows:

North: Bal Harbour

South: Miami Beach

East: Atlantic Ocean

West: Indian Creek