Liberty City

Liberty City is one of the neighborhoods with the largest concentration of African Americans in Miami. The neighborhood is locally referred to as “Liberty City” by its residents. With over 43,000 residents it is located north of Miami, between NW 79th Street to the north and NW 27th Avenue to the west and is bound by NW 59th Street to the south and I-95 to the east.

A bit of history

The migration of black people into this neighborhood started in 1937 with the inauguration of the “Liberty Square Housing Project”, a federal housing plan fostered by President Franklin D. Roosevelt who authorized it in the 1930s. In 1950, new settlers arrived in the area. The main reason for this new migration was due to the construction of a new Interstate highway that put an end to Overtown.

In 1980, the neighborhood hit the headlines after the race riots provoked by police brutality against a black man that resulted in his death. After violent unrest, more than 850 people were detained.

Fighting against crime

This is one of the most insecure zones, not only of Miami, but in all of the United States. Generally, tourists are advised to stay away from the area.

In spite of the fact that its reputation is not the best, Liberty City is gradually recovering from its economic slowdown and it continues to be the official host of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade, an incredible experience taking place in January that you should live.

Moreover, the neighborhood has its own EEC (Entrepreneurial Education Center), whose aim is to lift its inhabitants out of poverty and rescue them from crime.


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