Miami Spice: A brief history of the event

Miami Spice: A brief history of the event

Every year takes place in our city, the Miami Spice, an event expected by foodies from all over the world! A unique opportunity to enjoy the delicious food and unparalleled service of the best local restaurants, at prices that sometimes don’t reach half the value per plate in regular season.

This proposal was born in 2001 on the initiative of The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, as a way to help tourism that had been affected after 9/11. In the same way,

the months of August and September were chosen in order to strengthen the local gastronomic sector, at the time of the year when it presented less commercial movement.

This is how, year after year, thanks to the excellent organization of the event, Miami Spice has been adding more and more restaurants and additional options for visitors. So much so, that from 40 locals that started this proposal, already reached more than 200 restaurants on the scene and besides the proposal of lunch and dinner, it has also been added the option of brunch, and some hotels offer packages of promotional stays in the framework of the event.

Luxury restaurants for all tastes and budgets

If you are one of those who have a "bucket list" of places you’d like to eat sometime, this is the chance you can’t let go. We are talking about three-course lunches worth US$23, three-course dinners worth US$39, and brunch (in 12 restaurants) worth US$12, served in restaurants with excellent ratings in the ZAGAT Guide, whose value in regular season could even triple these prices.

One of the most attractive features of Miami Spice is that at no time will you feel that to offer such attractive prices, some restaurant reduced costs in the preparation of food. On the contrary, the rules of the festival are very rigorous when evaluating each one of the restaurants; first those who are postulated to venture into it, and second to those who are participating; their menus are evaluated by the organizing team, who are continually visiting the premises and verifying that the offer to diners is indeed insurmountable.

How to make the most of the Miami Spice

Surely you must already be asking yourself, how can I do to participate in this amazing  gastronomic party (although my waist pays the consequences)? Well, first you have to take into account certain aspects in order to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

  • Keep in mind that each restaurant has two menu options, the regular menu and the event menu, check carefully which of them belongs to the dish you are going to choose.
  • Some restaurants have time restrictions and days of the week, so it is important to keep this information in mind before sitting at the table.
  • Not all restaurants offer the three food options (lunch, dinner or brunch), some offer two options and others only one.
  • Drinks are not included.

To enjoy the Miami Spice you don’t need to cancel any subscription. You only have to visit the website of the restaurant you want to visit and check the days and times when they will

offer their Miami Spice menu. Once you get the option of your choice, we highly  recommend you book, as places fill up.

The list of participants is long, Novecento, GKBistronomie, Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market, Pubbelly Sushi, among many others, will make selecting which one to visit a difficult task. You can check the official page of the event www.ilovemiamispice.com which restaurants are part of this gastronomic festival. Then, remember to check in our restaurant guide the reviews of those places that attract you most and stay tuned for our publications, as we will be publishing special articles with a selection of our favorite options.

The table is served! Miami is waiting for you, come and enjoy and don’t miss this opportunity.

Download the free Miami Spice 2018 guide here