Miami on film: essential city for the seventh art

Miami on film: essential city for the seventh art

Lights, camera, action! These are the traditional cue words that have been heard many times throughout the history of Miami. This city’s location, architecture and tropical atmosphere have turned it into one of the favorite destinations for cinema directors who want it as focal point in their shootings.

The Sunshine City harbors an endless supply of highlighted venues brimming with history. The Art Deco district of Miami Beach is perhaps one of the main fascinating venues along with the beautiful beaches. These characteristics catch the attention of the famous and celebrities who choose the city as the holiday and shopping destination par excellence.

Bumping into filming crews shooting scenes at some of Miami’s streets is quite the common sight; hence why if you are visiting the city you will surely come across movie stars. Moreover, don’t miss the chance to take a picture at one of the many iconic movie spots where past films were shot.

These are some of the movies that have been filmed in the “Magic City”


The successful movie starred by Al Pacino and directed by Brian de Palma brings to the forefront the back-alley nightlife of Miami where Cuban immigration, drugs and mafias take the spotlight. In Scarface, Ocean Drive is the chosen filming location for the movie; walk down its streets and you are bound to evoke the legendary scenes shot there, specially the gunfire scene in the hotel, which is, hands down, one of the best.


The third installment in the James Bond series released in 1964 and starred by Sean Connery. The majestic Fontainebleau Hotel opened in 1954 was the location chosen for some of the film’s scenes. The hotel was built on Collins Avenue at the shore of Atlantic Ocean’s warm waters and it immediately became in a architecture hallmark of the 20th century maintaining its fame and elegance as one of the most spectacular hotels in Miami unmarred. Don’t forget to drop by the bar and order a shaken martini not stirred.

The Birdcage

This 1996 film, on which Robin Williams and Nathan Lane star, is a crazy and fun comedy that takes in place in the cabaret world, and what a better place to develop that world that the Art Deco District of Miami Beach, specifically at the renowned Carlyle Hotel in Ocean Drive.

2 Fast 2 Furious

The second installment of the box-office success Fast and Furious takes place in Miami bringing its streets to life with the roaring and shifting gears of the fastest cars as their drivers street-race to become the best. Paul Walker is the man tasked with infiltrating and taking a money laundering network out of action. You will surely come across supercars of the sort featured on the film blazing through the streets or admired by attractive bombshells

Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach

In this installment the eccentric police officers embark on a new mission that takes them to the spectacular and tropical Miami Beach, where, as usual, they are to get mixed up in ludicrous and fun adventures at the National Police Chiefs Convention in Miami, Florida. The beaches of Miami Beach were the perfect scenery for the development of the film.

All in all, Miami won’t ever stop surprising you; there’s always something new around the corner to discover, from historic places to stories that seemed taken out of a movie. Walk down Miami’s streets and you are likely to bump into a celebrity or run into an ongoing filming location.