Meet the international cuisine with this Miami Guide

Meet the international cuisine with this Miami Guide

As far as food is concerned Miami is one of the cities boasting the greatest variety; hence why when faced with the amount of culinary opportunities you have, we decided to create a Miami Guide listing the cream of the crop in this foodie metropolis.

Miami Guide Made in Italy

Italian food is one of the most popular and preferred in the world. Unfortunately, many believe that the authentic and most delicious Italian food can only be found in Italy, but they could not be more wrong. Italian cuisine in Miami is as delightful as the original and those chefs who venture to make the most of it come across all kinds of new palatable experiences.

Although on this local Miami Guide we won’t pay homage to all the excellent Italian restaurants situated in the city, we are bold enough to list the most renowned.


  • Despite being of German origin, Vapiano is one of the best Italian food franchises in all Miami. Service is fantastic and the fare looks good and tastes even better, a complete experience. You will find this establishment on 1221 Brickell Ave Suite L 120.

Café Prima Pasta

  • Tended to by its owners since its creation in 1993, this establishment has maintained the quality and freshness of its classic and homely fare. It is situated on 414 71St. Miami Beach.


  • One of the best lasagnas can be found here at Macchialina; moreover, they make their own pasta locally. It is a great example of Italian food in Miami. It is located on 820 Alton Road, Miami Beach.

Mc Kitchen

  • Food served in this restaurant is a mix from the Italian cuisine with a touch of American flavor. Dishes are visually beautiful and striking and the ingredients are completely fresh while its zest is simply exquisite. You will find Mc Kitchen on at 4141 NE 2nd Avenue.

Toscana Divino

  • As expected, here you will be served the best Tuscan food in the coziest atmosphere. Find it on 900 S Miami Avenue, Miami.

Remember the Latin Flavors

It comes as no surprise that you can find amazing leading exponents of Latin food in the city of Miami, particularly for it is the favorite destination of those who have left their home countries

The zest of Latin cuisine cannot be easily reproduced.

Flavors of Brazil

Brazilian Taste

  • When it comes to Brazilian restaurants in Miami, this restaurant specializes in meat cuts such as rodizio and picanha (first-grade sirloin cap) despite boasting a great number of options. You can find your Brazilian Taste at Doral.

Camila's Restaurant

  • Located in the center of Miami, this establishment is the favorite of those who commute and are on the lookout for an all-you-can-eat-style venue for affordable prices.


  • Brazil resonates throughout the entirety of this restaurant. Food is well seasoned accompanied by pepper and delicious onions, but the best thing is by far its live entertainment. Visit Boteco at Uppear East Side.

Flavors of Argentina

La Porteña

  • Do you like top-notch grills sided with a mouth-watering risotto and a delicate selection of wines all in a quiet atmosphere. La Porteña is your ideal place. Find it on 8522 SW 8th Street Miami Florida.


  • With respect to Argentinian restaurants in Miami, at Manolo you will find pizzas, empanadas, smoothies, churros and all kinds of Argentinian canteen fare. Manolo has several establishments across the city.

Las Vacas Gordas

  • Enormous portions of meat are the hallmark of this restaurant preferred choice for big family or friend meetings. Las Vacas Gordas is situated at 933 Normandy Drive, Miami Beach.

Travel to the Middle East in Miami

The excellent Asian fare many selective palates enjoy could not be left out. Evidently, on our Miami Guide we try to do justice to those restaurants that stand out from the rest.


  • It is located in the Epic Hotel of Downtown Miami. It boasts a wide range of recipes and, above all, signature sauces prepared locally. Innovation and creativity are the staples of its dishes.

Sushi Chef Japanese Restaurant

  • If you want to venture on enjoying traditional Japanese food, you must visit this place. Go to Coral Way and discover the flavors Sushi Chef Japanese Restaurant has in store for you.


  • In the Eden Roc Miami Beach Hotel we find Nobu, a restaurant that we have to include in this Miami Guide for its sophisticated culinary proposal. Quality and freshness pave the way for this restaurant.


  • It is the most expensive upscale Japanese restaurant in Brickell, but it is worth it hands down. You have to visit it at least once and see it for yourself.

Try out Flavors You Can Find in Different Parts of the World

To wrap this up on a high note we have dared to give you a tour through the dishes lending its grand finale to this gastronomical journey: desserts.

And boy, did we choose great desserts! These are perhaps the rarest, but curiously at the same time, the most delicious desserts Miami offers.

Duffy’s Sports Grill

  • A luscious fried cheesecake is what you need to be happy and at Duffy’s Sports Grill you will dig into one of the best cheesecakes ever. Visit their website and find the location that suits you best.

Burger & Beer Joint

  • Deep fried Oreos with vanilla or chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup? At Burger & Beer Joint you have it. They have four establishments in South Florida.

Lulu’s Ice Cream

  • At Lulu’s Ice Cream you will get to see ice cream in the making using liquid nitrogen! You won’t have to wait at all to dig in. Ice creams come with neither preservatives nor chemicals. Find Lulu’s Ice Creams on 2001 Biscayne Blvd. Miami.

Crêpe Maker

  • Here you will find the best crêpes and you can even order them with caramel, fruit spreads and all kinds of delicious fillings and toppings. Enter their website if you want to find out more and discover its locations.


  • In this place you will find the best frozen yogurt which you will be able to prepare to tailor your preferences with the most delicious and, we’ve got to admit, unusual flavors. On Yogurtland’s website you can check their locations.

There is no doubt that Miami is a metropolis where all your senses will perceive something fabulous, particularly as far as gastronomy is concerned. Evidently, there are many other establishments we could not mention, but that are always worth visiting.