Live Professional Miami Sports

Live Professional Miami Sports
Photo by Hard Rock Stadium

The Professional Miami Sports move passions! It is a reference that it’s part of Miami's own culture. Basketball, Soccer and Baseball runs through the veins of children and adults. Great first-class stadiums and world-class players make each game an unforgettable experience. If you want to know the real sporting spirit of Miami, make arrangements to go to a game after spending the day at the beach, to share with family or friends.

Watching a live match is the best option, but if you don’t have time to buy tickets or to get to the stadiums, you can always enjoy it in a bar or restaurant, which for sure will be as exciting.

The main Miami Sports teams

Miami Heat:  Feel the Adrenaline of Basketball

Photo by Miami Heat

Representative in the NBA, three times winner of the ring, plus a long list of division titles, plays his home games at the American Airlines Arena known as the triple A pavilion, one of the attractions in Miami that you can not miss. .

This stadium offers the great advantage of having a connection center with the Miami International Airport and you can also reach it through the public transport service. In the month of April, several games will be played, so you can check the official page of the Miami Heat team for the calendar and buy the tickets in advance, so you don’t stay out of this sports party.

Miami Dolphins: The most experienced team in the NFL

Photo by Miami Dolphins

The sports in Miami could not leave aside one of the most followed disciplines full of tradition, which together with Baseball dispute the ownership of the national sport of the USA. American football is one of the oldest in the city, one of the teams in the NFL with more seniority and that in turn, has the fortune of having been guided by Don Shula, the most successful head coach of professional football. All this means that the team counts with one of the warmest and most committed group of fans, which ensures that each match is a real party and a great attraction.

The Miami Dolphins play at home at the Hard Rock Stadium. This stadium is one of the most famous at international level, since it has been the headquarters of Super Bowls and World Baseball Series, which together with its impressive infrastructure is a must-see among the visitors of this city. It is located in Miami Gardens, a secluded zone that has light traffic which makes it much easier to access.

If you want to buy tickets for a Dolphins’ game you can do it through their official website, where you will find several purchase options, from annual memberships to tickets with a stay included in the Hard Rock Hotel, everything will depend on your tastes as to what to do in Miami.

Miami Marlins: The party in the park

Photo by Miami Marlins

These World Series champions are based in Marlins Park. This stadium is one of the most modern, it’s equipped with retractable roof and has all the services to make the experience an unforgettable one for any fan: Stores, bars, snacks and even a pool.

It is located in Little Havana one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city and you can buy tickets through the official website of the Marlins where you will find the calendar and all the details of the team you need to know. Remember that the season started on the last month of March 29th, do not leave it for later.

Miami Football Club: The passion of Football

Photo by The Miami FC

The NASL (North American Soccer League) also has a representative in the city. Although this discipline does not belong to the most popular in the country, it is also true that more and more local fans are joining, since it is the sport with the fastest growth in recent years, you deserve the opportunity to enjoy one of their encounters

The Miami Football Club matches can be enjoyed at the International University of Florida, specifically at the Riccardo Silva Stadium, recently renovated and with a capacity for 20,000 spectators. It is a wonderful opportunity to carry out two very significant activities in Miami sports experience, visit one of the main study houses and support the local team.

In order to buy tickets, you can visit their official site, where you will have a detailed calendar  of events and you can choose your preferred seats as well.

The Miami sports world are of great popularity, as the inhabitants of the city warmly support their teams in their different disciplines, we have had in our ranks profesional men of the stature of Lebrón James, Tony Perez, "Dan" Marino among many others, who have been recognized through innumerable distinctions and have given us the pride of having several championships in each of their specialties.

Coupled with this, the stadiums combine the most modern, safe and latest attractive  technologies in architecture and design, to make each one of our fans feel the emotion of living a true sports party in each of the matches they attend . Therefore, we don’t hesitate to recommend you to live this experience if you are in the city, undoubtedly it will be an unforgettable one to be remembered forever.