"Listen In" by Capital One, a distinct interactive listening experience.

"Listen In" de Capital One, una experiencia auditiva interactiva distinta.

I’m excited to announce that on Monday, November 5th, Capital One is bringing an interactive listening experience to Miami as part of its recently launched Listen In campaign. The Listen In event will take place at the Capital One Café in Miami Beach from 7:00 to 9:00 PM with musician and rapper Wyclef Jean, featuring Jazzy Amra. Keep an eye on my Instagram for a chance to attend!

According to the Capital One Listen In Survey, nearly one in five Americans surveyed can’t remember the last time someone was completely focused on listening to them. Even more, 26% of Americans feel the banking sector ranks in the top two worst industries at listening to their needs.

Capital One understands the importance of listening as it is something they strive to do every day. They’re working to build a better bank through listening and by creating an experience built around you and me.

The Listen In campaign celebrates the power of listening by doing precisely that: listening to and taking the time to understand every person. This is an interactive and intimate experience that gives attendees the opportunity to hear a special musical guest perform live and talk about how listening has impacted their lives.

The campaign is visiting five cities across the U.S. and on November 5th it’s Miami’s turn. The event will be held at the Miami Beach Capital One Café. Musical guests Wyclef Jean and Jazzy Amra will be performing and sharing personal anecdotes about the role of listening in their work and their relationships outside of work.

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Thank you, Capital One, for sponsoring this post! This is a paid endorsement. All opinions are my own and were not directed by Capital One. To learn more about Capital One and the Listen In campaign, visit https://www.capitalone.com/bank/listen/