How to Enjoy Miami on a Tight Budget?

How to Enjoy Miami on a Tight Budget?

Perhaps you think Miami is only meant for those who have deep pockets; however, even though the city boasts all the amenities for a 5-star experience, it is likewise suited for a tight budget with many options to explore it and discover its attractions.

Plan Your Trip in Advance

The travel date, the means of transportation to be used, and everything in between, they all have to be carefully assessed in advance so that you may establish a budget with the best interests of your wallet in mind. Don’t forget that in many cases, the earlier you book your flight buying your airline ticket ahead of time, the better prices you will find.

Furthermore, despite the fact that Miami has visitors throughout the whole year, there are peak seasons for tourists where the number of travelers increases significantly, thus the prices of hotels and restaurants shoot up; therefore, it is ideal to choose the off season to buy your tickets, between June and September.

Tight Budget: Choose a Lodging That Suits Your Plans

If you intend to visit Miami to explore its streets, enjoy its cultural scene, beaches and hallmark attraction, your stay will probably be short term. In this case you won’t need big facilities which are conceived for longer stays, just a comfortable and well situated place that allows you to unwind and remain close to the venues you are planning on visiting.

If, on the other hand, your main goal is to visit the beaches and stay around them, you could try out South Beach where there are plenty of small hotels boasting more affordable prices than big chained-brand hotels. In South Beach you can even find a number of hostels that are clear references for those travelling on the cheap given that the rates charged hover at circa $20 per night.

Explore the Food Venues Miami Has to Offer

Once again we remind you that planning is the keynote for enjoying Miami on a thrifty budget. You can’t wait to be hungry to go in search of a restaurant, instead we present you this list of economical food venues for you to enjoy, bon appétit!

Joe´s Stone Crab 

Within its wide-ranging menu you can find the Joe’s Famous Half Fried Chicken, a fried chicken basket ideal for sharing at a friendly price.

Coyo Taco 

It’s an excellent option toe at Mexican food. Coyo Taco is famous in the city and very valued by the community; it offers its fare at really low prices and, to top it off, it features a tequila bar.

Sandwich Qbano

Hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, and let’s not forget Cuban sandwiches with their secret sauces which make them one-of-a-kind sandwich.

Jimmy´z Kitchen Brickel 

Homely food served in well-sized portions at affordable prices and fast customer service.

These are just some few options, bear in mind that you can also take with you snacks such as dried fruits and nuts, cookies and energy bars that will keep you satisfied until reaching your food venue destination of choice.

Make Use of the Public Transit System

Photo by Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works

We know it, Miami is a massive city stretching foro ver many miles from one point to the next, which can be a bit overwhelming for you at first. This happens until you find out the city features one of the most intricate and modern public transit system, even with 24/7 options.
You have three transportation options at your disposal: the Metrobus, Metrorail and Metromover (the latter being completely free of charge). These three means of transportation are part of a transit system designed to work jointly, even at the airport through its many connections. You can find more details about each of these transportation options here.

Enjoy Free Activities

Visiting exhibitions and cultural fairs at the museums is completely free in most cases, but you must be on the lookout for those days when admission is free of charge. You can also watch a movie without costs while relaxing on the grass, you only have to go to SoundScape at the New World Center on Wednesday 8:00 pm.
Money is no constraint when it comes to enjoying Miami, planning your holidays ahead of time is all you need, as well as being willing to live experiences and explore the essential activities of Miami, that way you will not stop from having a good time.