Christmas in Miami: more than sun, beaches and nightlife

Christmas in Miami: more than sun, beaches and nightlife

Despite Miami being known for its sunny weather, tourist attractions, stores, arriving cruises and exciting nightlife, it also offers versatile options for those interested on spending a wonderful Christmas time. Every year, this cosmopolitan hub dresses with garlands, comes to life with multicolored lights and fills up with a highly unique and charming atmosphere.

It is sensible to take into consideration the countless possibilities that can be seized during these holidays in order to spend precious and memorable moments with family and friends. Once Black Friday, Thanksgivings and other exciting yearly events have passed, tourists and visitors will be able to admire the dazzling decorations thanks to the guided tours that drive through neighborhoods that celebrate Christmas with great enthusiasm, enjoy recreational activities and sample delicious dishes closely associated with such a special time of the year.

Are you excited about the possibility of spending Christmas in Miami this year? Don’t wonder what is open this season, December will shine with excitement on December! Throughout this post, we will let you in on the best plans to enjoy unforgettable holidays in this fascinating city!

Christmas activities

Holiday decorations in Miami neighborhoods

When you think about Holidays in December, one of the first images that comes to mind involves lovely decorations, Christmas trees and sparkling colored lights. It is natural then to conclude, that one of the most cherished activities this season, is to visit emblematic neighborhoods where celebrating this occasion manifests in stunning holiday displays.

Although Miami is mostly known for its delightful summers, welcoming beaches and tropical heat, during Christmas it fully embraces the festivities, turning into a luminous, colorful and enchanting place.

The sightseeing bus rides that are available to take you to the best decorated neighborhoods this Christmas, represent the most comfortable and flexible choice for those who wish to discover the most interesting locations in this captivating city. Thanks to these tours, you will be able to enjoy spectacular displays and discover the way the inhabitants of areas such as Miami Beach and Coral Gables celebrate this revered time of year.

Once you arrive in Miami, we recommend that you visit the areas near 5th Street and Brickell Avenue as they offer a great variety of commercial and recreational options. Due to their charm and appeal, Merrick Park and the suburban village of Pinecrest should also be included as part of your adventure.

Photo by Miami City Ballet

Miami City Ballet: The Nutcracker

Between December 17 and the 30th, the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts will host one of the most acclaimed Christmas galas in the United States - since its premiere in 1954 - The Miami City Ballet: The Nutcracker.

This superb show will provide couples, family and friends with great moments of joy. You will be enthralled by its outstanding choreography and easily recognizable melodies, providing an unforgettable experience that will elevate your Christmas in Miami to the next level.

Photo by Jungle Island

Jungle Island

ungle Island is a popular destination located on Miami's Watson Island, it provides visitors with a great chance to spend a fabulous day that children will enjoy the most. This park offers amusing horseback rides and access to areas where kids can safely approach the animals that inhabit the grounds. They can also learn valuable skills by joining educational workshops, take part in fun treasure hunts and witness magnificent firework displays. These entertaining activities will turn your Christmas Eve plans into a memory they will surely recall dearly in the future.

This experience can be enjoyed for as little as US$ 40 per participating adult and US$ 34 for each child.

Where to dine in Miami for Christmas

Nautilus Cabana Club

The Nautilus Cabana Club is nestled on top of a large terrace that incorporates a marvelous swimming pool. Adjacent to it, you will notice a corridor and a soothing natural environment ending in a breathtaking ocean view. We invite you to walk in and treat yourself to its relaxing and charming atmosphere.

To celebrate Christmas Eve, this club will feature, from 6 pm to 11 pm, an elegant buffet for a price of US$ 65 per guest. The menu includes a glass of champagne, appetizers and salads. Items such as chickpea hummus and aubergines will be included as well as other supplementary delicacies.

Traditional Christmas dishes will not be missing from their menu. Expect consummate presentations of pork, salmon, lamb and of course, mouthwatering desserts that will sweeten your stay during this special time of the year.

Nautilus Cabana Club, 1825 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, (786) 483-2650 or: https://nautiluscabanaclub.com/

Vía Emilia 9

Via Emilia 9 is an outstanding Italian restaurant that offers patrons a warm and authentic experience while they enjoy Christmas in Miami.

Diners will be treated to a menu full of delicacies that will take them on a culinary journey through the region of Bologna at a price of US$ 70 per guest. The selection of 6 dishes includes prosciutto añejo, tortellini in capón broth, noodles with wild boar and rabbit in Lambrusco wine.

Among the scrumptious dessert choices, you will find the acclaimed traditional Italian panettone Scarpato, which will melt in your mouth when paired with their silky Lambrusco eggnog.

Via Emilia 9, 1120 15th St, Miami Beach, (786) 216-7150 or: http://www.viaemilia9.com/

Bellmónt Spanish Restaurant

Is it possible to miss on the appeal of Spanish gastronomy while enjoying Christmas in Miami this year?

The Bellmónt breathes new life into Christmas year after year by serving fine dinners that adhere faithfully to authentic Spanish tradition. To liven up the occasion, diners are gifted with live instrumental music as they relax and enjoy the five main courses, priced at US$ 79 per adult and US$ 42 for children under the age of 12.

If your preferences focus on vegetarian cuisine, their menu includes superb recipes that are available if you request them in advance.

Bellmónt Spanish Restaurant, 339 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, (786) 502-4684 or: http://www.bellmontrestaurant.com/reservations.html

Havana 1957 on Española Way

If you are craving for traditional Christmas specialties while visiting Miami, we cannot hesitate to recommend Havana 1957.

For a nominal price of US$ 24.95 you will be able to feast on four delicious courses: fried beef tostón, poinsettia broth soup, traditional stew made from roots, spices and meats as well as a generous main dish of pork slices cooked in red wine. To close your meal with a grand dessert, treat yourself to their wonderful caramel flan.

Havana 1957, 405 Española Way, Miami Beach, (305) 503-3828 or: www.havana1957.com

Miami is a place that defies the concepts used to define most sophisticated cities. Its potential to fulfill your highest expectations in entertainment and gastronomy reaches far beyond what most visitors are able to imagine. Here, you’ll never run out of things to do. Embracing the excitement of the holidays will provide you and your loved ones with adventurous experiences difficult to replicate in other parts of the world. Feliz Navidad!