“Wines of Portugal” Discover the Cellars participating in Miami.

“Wines of Portugal” Discover the Cellars participating in Miami.

On October 15th, 2017 at Hotel Palms in Miami Beach, you will discover 12 cellars that produce the best Wines of Portugal.


If you love wine or will participate as a connoisseur, you will have access to a selection of portuguese wines to taste not only with your palate, but also with sight and smell.  


Participating Cellars in “Wines of Portugal”


1.-Adega Coop. de Vermelha: A bodega with modernized equipment that is utilized to produce rosé, reds, and white wines of high regard.


2.-Adega Ponte Lima: With their 11.5 million capacity for layers, they produce authentic Green Wine, the red wine Vinhão with an unreal aroma and exquisite flavor. This is generated with the rarity and variety that their grapes carry.


3.-Blackett Vinos de Alquimia: A wine that has been produced for ages, through continuous generations of authentic wine.


4.-Casa Ermelinda Freitas: Using the latest technology, they produce more than 12000000 L of quality wines annually; presenting a variety of red and white grapes, their standouts include Castelao and Fernao Pires and 27 other varieties of grapes.


5.-Caves Montanha: With more than 70 years of history, their wines have obtained multiple awards. They dedicate themselves to production, commercialization and distribution of the highest-end wines.


6.-Caves Santa Marta: Located in the heart of Duero Valley, they focus on the market that helps exporters get their high-rated wines to Russia, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Spain, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea, and Cameroon.


7.-Herdade del Monte da Ribeira: They count on a thousand hectares of horizon and a team of professionals that take grapes and make them into excellent wine, just for the pleasure of serving palates.


8.-Manuel Costa y Filhos: 25 years of experience and a production of fresh, delicious wines count on 7000m2 and 190 hectares of vineyards.


9.-Pocas Junior: With nearly a century of wine production, this company counts with three Quintas that are used to produce superior wine quality in the best vineyard locations in Douro.


10.-Quinta Das Arcas: With more than 30 years of experience, this vineyard company possess more than 250 hectares. Their most iconic production goes from delicious white wine to dark, opulent fruity wines from southern Portugal.


11.-Vercoope: an active company since 1964, with 7 cooperative viticultural, they produce 7 million bottles with more than 5000 of the best Portuguese wines.


12.-Viniverde: A vineyard that has won multiple awards for their excellence. They count on stockholders from various areas in the Vinho Verde region.


We will see you October 15th, 2017 from 2pm to 4:30pm at the Palms Hotel in Miami Beach, limited entry! Get your entry ticket right here. Use code 2017smith to get a 60% discount.


This is a unique opportunity to taste new wines and discover a business sector with great international expansion.


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