Why is it called hot dog?

Why is it called hot dog?

So common in our daily life, but seldom questioned, the term “hot dog” is not even near the accurate description of what it really is. The reason is that the word is not indigenous to Latin American regions, but to the United States. Although there is plenty of clear evidence regarding the reasons why the term was coined that way, there seems to be no consensus about who did it or exactly when. Throughout this article, we will try to summarize all the different arguments that explain it.

The word “dog” has been used, at least since 1884, in order to refer to the sausage in the United States. The hot dog was first introduced in the country by German immigrants, and the consumption of dog meat in Germany was something moderately common. By association, it was occasionally justified to infer at that time, that the sausages contained this animal’s meat. In fact, several sausage producers in the United States were accused of using it as a raw material.

Of course, nowadays, all of these is not even close to reality. The origin of the term hot dog was supposedly coined after the cartoonist Tad Dorgan, who wrote and made cartoons in the New York Evening Journal. During a New York Giants baseball game in 1901, he heard how hot dogs were sold by saying: “They are red hot!, get your dachshund (sausage dog) while they are red hot!”. The analogy inspired Dorgan to represent it that way in his comics: A “dachshund”  “in a bread”, which gave the idea of the hot dog. However, this myth has never been proven since the alleged cartoon has never been found.

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