Where to spend New Year’s Eve in Miami?

December 26, 2017

Just by saying you are spending New Year’s Eve in Miami, you are already hinting at a party night, dancing, and at eating spree you surely will try to repeat year after year. Miami undoubtedly offers you many alternatives to welcome the New Year in style and features leisure activities to account for all tastes.

Miami is the perfect place to bid the year farewell and get ready for the new one that comes with all the good vibes for you. Whether you spend December 31 with your family or friends, the Sunshine City is decked out with outdoor activities, dinners at the best restaurants, boat rides and plenty of other leisure activities to make this New Year’s reception an amazing experience.

In the morning you can either sunbathe and recharge batteries or go shopping to buy that brand new wearing apparel you will be seeing off this year with; 2017, a year that most assuredly filled you with joy despite the hard times from which you have learned to keep on going forward.

The following activities we have listed are the alternatives Miami offers to all of those who have chosen to spend New Year’s Eve in the Sunshine City.


New Year’s Fireworks Eve at Bayfront Park

Imagine welcoming the new year surrounded by friends, relatives and acquaintances, who like you, want the New Year countdown to be a unique remembrance and look forward to contemplating Miami’s skies blaze up with fireworks in a display of lights and colors. You can do exactly that bidding this year farewell at the Bayfront Park.

Miami’s Big Orange “La Gran Naranja” is the centerpiece of Miami’s countdown to the New Year while fireworks explode all around to announce the arrival of the New Year. Relatives and friends get together to enjoy the myriad of music shows that are to be held throughout the day and thus start warming up the engines to welcome the New Year in Miami.

And of all that was just for starters, you can carry on with the partying at the many clubs in the city or private gatherings; however, bear in mind that it’s New Year’s Eve and the upfront costs to celebrate increase accordingly.  


New Year’s Eve in Miami Beach

Christmas in Miami Beach is spelt out as an emblematic season, even more so in this city  known as byword for joy and fiesta, a place, which thanks to its cultural mixture, harbors many representative traditions from each of its diverse nationalities.

If you spend New Year’s Eve in Miami Beach, you surely will go on an escapade of flavors, music, and customs from many countries; you will feel as though you were traveling around the world.  

Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

The Atlantic Ocean is the perfect scenery to watch the sky light up with fireworks and welcome the New Year while hearing the most varied live music repertoire accompanying from 9:00pm through 2:00am


New Year’s Eve onboard a cruise

If there’s something to being on vacation in Miami and welcoming the New Year in its streets it has to be the broad range of alternatives you have to celebrate, have dinner at renowned hotels and restaurants, meet up with relatives and friends, party at nightclubs and even go on boat rides, which are just a handful of the leisure activities you can embark on and that will help you live non-traditional experience in a wonderful city.

A boat or cruise tour through Miami to say goodbye to the Old Year roughly lasts 3 hours in which you are going to listen to the playlists of the best DJs in vogue along with an open bar cheering up the night out while the ship plies through Miami bay’s waters. At midnight, get ready to contemplate the sky lighting up with the fireworks while sipping a glass of Champagne.


Welcome the New Year at Faena Hotel Miami Beach

A Spanish-inspired night is the lead-up to 2018 Faena Hotel Miami Beach wants to give its guests and visitors. Starting from 6:30pm the restaurants Los Fuegos and Pao will be dishing out some serious tastiness under the guidance of laureate chefs Francis Mallmann and Paul Qui respectively, two culinary proposals that will leave a pleasant sensation in your palate and encourage you to keep enjoying everything Faena has prepared for you.

Meet up with friends and relatives at the modern Tree of Life, a cozy bar featuring fantastic views of the poolside and the Atlantic Ocean in the background conveys a unmatched sensorial experience that will prove hard to forget.

Drink a toast for the new year in the bar’s lounge with cocktails prepared to suit the occasion; for the countdown, what better than a swimming pool under the starry sky in the Mammoth Lawn, where your senses are to be captivated by Pop Flamenco, thus taking you to the South of Spain. To end the night on a high note, we have the Saxony Bar and its New Year’s Eve party to welcome 2018 in style.

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