What you need to know to travel on a cruise pet friendly

What you need to know to travel on a cruise pet friendly

Pets are part of the family and it is for them that when it comes to organizing holidays it is difficult to think what to do with these spoiled family members, and if it is a boat trip, we will ask if it is a cruise pet friendly.

A timely question and perhaps we know the answer in advance is that most of these companies forbid the access of pets, except lines such as Cunard and some Spanish shipping companies. This is due to the strict hygiene and safety regulations that different cruise ships have to maintain the quality of the service.

Additionally, the medical issue is also one of the factors that influence the non-acceptance of pets on cruises, since they do not have a veterinary service to meet the medical needs they may require during a long and exhausting trip.

Service dogs that assist people with a disability are the exception to the rule; because they are theoretically not pets but animals trained to support or perform tasks for the benefit of people with disabilities.

What are the rules for a cruise pet friendly?

Some Spanish cruise companies allow to travel with dogs, but as in all cases, will deprive the regulations that each company deems appropriate, both for the safety and welfare of passengers and of course pets.

It is recommended that before taking any trip, the veterinarian should prescribe the medicine that can be administered to the animal in case of dizziness. Food and regular water consumption during the trip are also key.


This shipping company has the following regulations:

  • Reservation request by the owners to be granted the boarding permit
  • The dog must wear a leash and muzzle when boarding and disembarking
  • Dogs will always travel in their own cages or enabled by the company, prepared for the benefit of the animal
  • Visits to the dog will depend on the time of navigation 1 for trips no longer than 4 hours and 2 for trips over 4 hours and always with the company of a crew member



The animals travel in cages conditioned and arranged in a specific place (the ship's hold) where they will have adequate ventilation

  • Visits to pets are allowed upon request to the crew
  • It has a 24-hour veterinary service to meet the requirements that may be presented.

In the case of guide dogs, Royal Caribbean offers spaces of 1 mt per 1 mt with soil mulch so that the animal can evacuate (upon request) and admits their presence in public spaces as long as they do not alter the order and safety of the rest of the passengers, excluding the pool area, jacuzzis and spas.

Cruise documents needed to travel by boat with a petcruise pet friendly.

Like the people when making trips on cruises, pets must also have documentation in order to be accepted in the shipping companies to allow access, in order to have a good control and to provide a good stay during the trip, especially those with a normally prolonged duration.

Both for pets and for guide dogs the documentation is practically the same, but it is always advisable to find out exactly the necessary papers according to the trip and the place of destination.

  • It is very important to have their health record up-to-date, indicating the vaccination and deworming cycle
  • Microchip with identification
  • Entry and exit permissions for the countries that will be visited.

Pet Friendly Cruise

Such is the growing demand for places and spaces where animals are allowed, that many establishments and companies of all kinds are adapting to what are known as Pet Friendly spaces, which are nothing more than places where is allowed the access of people accompanied by their faithful friends, who without being of the same class, have become one of the family.

That is why none of cruise ship escapes from this reality.

Queen Mary cruise to travel with pets

Since 1840 this luxurious and ostentatious cruise has taken the waters of the Atlantic from New York to Europe, its more than 175 years of history have consolidated it as the most expensive that has ever been built and throughout this time it has managed to maintain its high standards of beauty, luxury and quality, reason why great personalities like Elizabeth Taylor are part of its rich and growing history.

They have been able to adapt to the times running, that is why they became the only cruise ship that crosses the Atlantic with permission to board the pets of their select clientele, giving them a 5 star treatment also.

Cunard Line is the company to which this and other luxurious ships belong, in which it has been possible to start the Pet Friendly on Board, the cost per pet will depend on the weight of each one, having prices ranging from 500 to 700 dollars, prices that include a luxury treatment and a food with high quality standards.

As for humans, pets have comfortable and elegant facilities and are received with special little gifts to welcome them. This monumental boat has high quality beds and a variety of attractions to make your pet feel like a star.

On average, the duration of the trip is from 8 to 15 days, that is why the company always thinking about the welfare of all its human guests or not, has a conditioned area so that pets are always comfortable and under the care of specialized people 24 hours a day, in addition to veterinary assistance to correct any health problem that may arise.

The important thing is to be well informed about everything related to the transfer of your pet, so that you have the certainty and tranquility that just like you are in good hands.

So if you are thinking of traveling on cruise ships with your pet, explore the possibilities offered by this industry.