What documents to take to a cruise trip from Miami?

What documents to take to a cruise trip from Miami?

January is  the cruise month in Miami, so you are on time to plan your trip this cruise season for which it is key that you know the requirements you need to travel by boat.

So that your dream trip doesn’t become a nightmare due to the ignorance of legal regulations of the ship, as well as those of the countries you will be visiting during your trip,  cruise experts recommend consulting with a travel agent or a Miami tourism agency,  to clarify any doubts about which cruise documents to take to a boat trip from Miami.

Basic documents to board a cruise

Cruise companies are governed by rules and laws of International Law, so it is necessary to be aware of the legal documentation required to people who decide to take vacations on cruise ships.


The document must be valid and its validity must be greater than six months after having made your cruise trip.


It is essential that if you take vacations on cruise ships from Miami, bear in mind the visas of the countries you will visit for which it is necessary to touch the issue with your tour operator or your travel agency in order to take the necessary precautions.

Many recommend that you travel with a folder that contains copies of the requirements demanded by the shipping company.

Should I get vaccinated to take a cruise trip?

The cruise companies recommend their travelers to ensure their physical condition and health when planning their trip on the high seas. It is good to check and verify with your travel agent if you need a vaccination to enter any of the destinations visited by the ship.

What cruise documents do you need to travel with children on a boat?

  • It must be borne in mind that if you travel with your children or children under age, there are legal documents to travel on a cruise that you must comply with.
  • It is necessary to have the birth certificate of the child in original or notarized or a certified copy, this in case the surname of the father and the minor are different.
  • In the case of divorced parents, if the child travels with one of them, the other must express in a document their consent for the child’s trip.
  • If you travel with a child who is not yours, the legal representatives must give a certificate that authorizes you to travel with the child. This document should clarify if the child has authorization from the parents to do certain sport activities within the cruise.
  • Other mandatory aspect when traveling with small children is to include among the documents the history of their vaccines and if it is the case include an international health card.
  • If you are the legal guardian of the child, you must present the document that certifies it.
  • The children must travel with their current passport and the necessary visas to enter the countries that require them.

Do I need to take out cruise insurance?

It is always advisable to purchase travel insurance when you take vacations outside of your country. Surely your tourism agent can recommend the one that best suits your needs.

The importance of having insurance is mainly due to the fact that all people can suffer an unforeseen event and also because medical costs when we lack protection are usually very high, especially when we are on vacation in another country.

In essence, cruise ship insurance is multi-resistance. It is good that you learn about the benefits of the insurance you are going to hire, the names of the international medical centers, their medical platform and the insured assistance.


Generally the coverage includes

  • Accidents
  • Health problems
  • Theft or loss of belongings
  • Legal assistance
  • Cancellation of trips
  • Repatriations

May the documents to travel on a cruise are not the impediment of an unforgettable vacation on a Miami cruise, so from now on you start getting all the necessary documents for these days of rest, while you explore the variety of offers and cruise itinerary that the shipping market has reserved for January leaving the Port of Miami.