What to do in Miami on Valentine's Day?

What to do in Miami on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day, or Saint Valentine's Day, is that iconic date in which we all strive to make that person feel so special, how important it is in our lives. Each gesture counts; from simple details to large celebrations, dinners and wanderings. There are many options of what to do in Miami during this traditional date but undoubtedly, the most important thing is not to miss the opportunity to enjoy unique moments that we will certainly remember as time goes by.

Fortunately, enjoying Saint Valentine in Miami has many advantages, there is a variety of options from enjoying the unique Miami food, to a Miami boat tour. But before discovering what to do in Miami on such a special occasion, one might ask:  Why is February 14th the date chosen to celebrate the day of love? Where does this name originates? And why is it celebrated?

Why is Valentine's Day celebrated?

The day of love has its origin in the third century in Rome, where the Emperor Claudius II, considering that young and single men were better soldiers, decided to forbid the celebration of marriages.

It was there when a young priest named Valentin, opposed to this ban, decided to secretly celebrate the marriage bonds. However, the Emperor found out and sentenced him to death, verdict that would be executed on February 14th, 270.

Over the years, this date was established in many countries as the ideal to commemorate the patron saint of lovers, through different celebrations and demonstrations of love between couples, extended also to friends and family.

In the United States it is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and in our city we have many options to do it big. Do you want to know what to do in Miami to enjoy this celebration to the fullest? Then continue reading, we have several suggestions that will assure you unforgettable moments.

What to do in Miami? Romantic outdoor dinner

The magical combination of sea breeze, candlelight, starry sky and breathtaking view, is only found in restaurants in Miami where also local and ethnic cuisine have their best exponents.

The Miami food is cosmopolitan and at the same time it honors its places of origin, that is why one of the main activities of those who visit the city or live in it is to enjoy the experience of its gastronomy; therefore, if you are looking for what to do in Miami on a date such as this one, the first option will always be to dine in Miami and enjoy eating in a romantic atmosphere and, if it is outdoors, much better.

Downtown Miami - Restaurant - American (New), Live/Raw Food, Seafood - $$$
422 Northwest North River Drive, Miami, Miami, FL 33128

Imagine sharing with your partner in a place with an incredible view of what is known as the "skyline" of downtown Miami, with a terrace next to the Miami River in which the lights are reflected and it is possible to observe boats and yachts sailing. That place is the Seaspice, a site where sophisticated nautical touches prevail, contemporary architecture, dim lighting and panoramic views.

Its menu has an avant-garde touch in international cuisine, offering the freshest products prepared in a unique and visually stimulating style, which makes it one of the main options to dine in Miami, especially on such a significant date.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens
Coconut Grove - Thing To Do - Landmarks & Historical Buildings, Botanical Gardens, Museums
3251 South Miami Avenue, Miami, Miami, FL 33129

It is a dream house, which is located bordering Biscayne Bay. It is unique among the great mansions of the country. Its dimensions and beauty are such that it is comparable to an European palace.

Sharing with your partner the day of love, while touring the luxurious gardens inspired by Italian gardens of exotic beauty will undoubtedly be a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day in Miami.

Have you already chosen your favorite option to celebrate Valentine's Day in Miami? Or maybe you still don’t decide on any? You will always find what to do in Miami to celebrate this special date, the important thing is that you have the willingness and enthusiasm to do so. The date is just around the corner and if you want to celebrate the day of love, Miami has a lot to offer.