What to do in Miami? Three events in February to enjoy the most

What to do in Miami? Three events in February to enjoy the most

People who decide to visit the City of the Sun, have countless recreational activities and places of entertainment for all kinds of tastes, so taking a decision about what to do in Miami may become complicated, but one way or the other a consensus is reached allowing everyone to enjoy what they most want to know.

In addition to the many spaces and places to visit, the City of the Sun has become a location for the performance of major events, art exhibitions, food fairs, great stars’ concerts in Miami, among others, that surely you will want to see during your visit to the city .

For those who love sports, Miami, for instance, has great teams which practically all year round fans can enjoy in their favorite discipline, Baseball, Football and Basketball.

That is why we present three events that will be held during the month of February and some of which should be included in your schedule of activities or trips to Miami, so don’t stay out of those events the city has for you.

February in Miami: Three events that you can not miss

In February there are many options suitable to all tastes of what to see in Miami: music, sports and shows that will activate your senses, in which you will experience unique and unrepeatable moments that for sure you will treasure the rest of your life and you’ll be telling many stories about them.

Enjoy the Nicky Jam & Plan B concert in Miami

Urban music takes over the American Airlines Arena on February 10th, holding hands with two great exponents, Nicky Jam and the Plan B duo, making all attendees enjoy and dance with their most moving and novel themes, those to whom your body cannot resist and whose great hits you will sing at full lung in this huge theater in Miami.

The evolution that Nicky Jam's career has taken is not a secret for anyone, this musical exponent has come from less to more, achieving the consolidation of his career that although long had never had the repercussion of today, pairing with other greats of music proves it, Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Silvestre Dangond, are just some of those who have relied on his talent and energy.

On the other hand, the Puerto Rican duo Plan B (Chencho & Maldy)  will also perform filling the stage of the American Airlines Arena with their best themes and where the song "For the Moment" will be played together with Nicky Jam.  A day where urban music takes over Miami and adults and young people will dance.


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What to do in Miami? Live a game of the NBA live

What to do in Miami

In February the NBA playoffs continue on their way to find the teams that will play the postseason, from which the new monarch will emerge. A great series where the home Miami Heat bet on their talent and will do everything in their power to continue bringing the best plays to their fans in the City of the Sun.

After its foundation in 1988 the franchise has achieved 3 championship titles. In 2005-2006, defeating the Dallas Mavericks; in the season 2011-2012 by doing the same against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and more recently during the season 2012-2013 by winning the San Antonio Spurs in 7 games.

Great are the names of players who have gone through their ranks, making their fans vibrate. Gary Payton, Shaquille O'Neal, Alimzo Mourning, LeBron James, are some of the figures that have contributed with their talent to made the team one of the strongest in the NBA.

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Be amazed with Cirque Du Soleil Miami

The magic of Cirque Du Soleil took over Miami with its novel and imposing show "VOLTA" a great staging that tells the story of valuing the freedom to choose to walk on the path that you draw, in it you can enjoy the spirit that extreme sports transmit.

A thrilling soundtrack is the perfect companion for the acrobatics that this group of artists has prepared for you, together with a visually stunning scene that will take you to a dream world.

Its protagonist is the host of a very popular games program, in which fame get its ways and tries to make him lose connection with his inner self, but thanks to memories and experiences of childhood he gets out of the hole he was getting into and finds the true meaning of his life

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