What are the best times of the year to travel to Miami?

What are the best times of the year to travel to Miami?

They are many, and this is one of the reasons why Miami is among the preferred tourist destinations the world over. Basically heaven on Earth, with a warm climate almost all year round. The average temperatures oscillate between 55º to 87º Fahrenheit (13º to 30º Celsius). It’s safe to visit any time of the year since meteorologists in the US are constantly reporting on local weather behavior.

Generally speaking, summers in Miami are humid, hot, and surprisingly include plenty of rainy days. However, because it is part of a subtropical system, the sun always bounces back and continues shining right after it stops raining. Winter, on the other hand, is a delightful season, as the weather varies between 55º to 77º Fahrenheit or 13º to 25º Celsius.

Still, you must stop and pay attention to the hurricane season. It begins on June the 1st and officially ends on November the 30th. During this period of time, residents and tourists can easily stay updated with the latest news on the topic thanks to the advances in technology that provide meteorologists with precise tools that facilitate avoiding risky situations on real-time.

What are the best dates to travel to Miami?

Every season in Miami carries its own charm and beauty. Feel free to come to this city even on a whim. Your vacation plan may depend on your interests and those of your family, since in Miami, you will find endless attractions, musical events, sports, cultural activities, gastronomy, fashion shows, the list goes on, whatever your imagination is able to conjure, you’ll pretty much be able to find it here, and by that we mean: all year round!

According to statistics, an excellent period to enjoy the city starts from November to March. During this time, thousands of tourists come seeking the warmth of Miami, fleeing those challenging snow blizzards and freezing temperatures winter brings.

The temperature is cool, the climate is dry and even though the north winds wander around South Florida during that time of the year, the measurements of thermometers still range between 13º to 25º Celsius, (55º to 77º Fahrenheit). You will surely be able to enjoy a delightful time and plenty days of bright and clear blue skies.

From April to June you’ll have ample opportunities to explore and discover so much since there is a decrease in the volume of tourists flowing through the city. Also, temperatures are not as high during this time of the year which makes beaches the ideal destination to rest and work on a nice tan under the soothing Florida sun.

From June to October, we move on to an intense climatic season. On June the 21st, summertime comes along with waves of tourists who sweep over the coastal cities of Miami to enjoy long and exciting vacations. Bringing an umbrella would be a great idea since you will most probably find short but intense times of the day when it starts to rain. As we mentioned before, Miami's summers are hot and humid, so you will experience temperatures around 32º Celsius (89º Fahrenheit). Humidity can climb up to around 90% during some days. This type of wet heat can become uncomfortable so we recommend you drink plenty of fluids in order to keep yourself hydrated.

When is hurricane season in Miami?

It begins on June the 1st and officially ends on November the 30th. This phenomenon is caused by the geographic positioning of South Florida which lies between two bodies of water, the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The warm water of the Atlantic Ocean, coming from the African continent, near the line of the Equator and the warm and humid waters of the Caribbean, collide and generate tropical windstorms.

These events are closely monitored with cutting-edge meteorological systems that provide tourists with enough time to take the appropriate measures and gather all the necessary supplies in order to stay safe.

The best times to go shopping in Miami

Given that the fashion world is so dynamic and unpredictable, it is common to find great discounts at clothing stores throughout the year in Miami. There are two large shopping centers:  Dolphin Mall and Sawgrass Mills in which many department stores and other well-known fashion brands offer amazing off-season discounts!

Finding plenty of items on sale during this time of the year is astonishingly easy. In Miami, it is very easy to give in to the temptation of fashion, you will always find what you are looking for and even what you are not!

Here, we’d like to share a brief and simplified timeline of the best months for sales and discounts in the area of Miami which will make it easy for you to take advantage of the best the city has to offer and enjoy a great shopping experience.



Winter liquidations.

The third Monday of the month, Martin Luther King's day.


The third Monday of the month, Presidents' Day.


The month for shopping in Miami par excellence.


The 4th of July, Independence Day, summer discounts.


Summertime sales.


Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Best time for boat trips in Miami

  • From November to May, this is the ideal time for cruise ship forays.
  • There are great deals on boat trips all through the year around the Biscayne Bay area and the islands near the city, especially Fisher Island where the rich and famous dwell.
  • If you are looking for a unique adventure, you can hire boat rides through the Everglades.
  • To book  this type of trips, visit the online Miami tourism pages, check out what they have to offer and find the package that best suits your taste and interests.

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