Valentine’s Day Miami: 10 places to declare your love.

Valentine’s Day Miami: 10 places to declare your love.

The most romantic time of the year draws near, a holiday on which we show off our creativity and romantic spirit to prove our love to that special someone. It is such an important date that no efforts are not spared on planning out that unforgettable evening, that’s why the Valentine’s Day Miami will always be an excellent option, since it offers a wide-range of activities including romantic dinners, trips, outings, and extreme experiences.

Therefore, if you are thinking about declaring your love in an unforgettable way, we bring you the top ten best and most varied options for you and your sweetheart to enjoy a memorable Valentine’s Day, whether it be classic night out in a romantic restaurant or extreme outings for two. We suggest you keep reading to discover everything this city has in store to celebrate love.

Romantic restaurants in Miami featuring aphrodisiac dishes

If you are interested in sharing with your partner romantic dinners in exclusive settings, where dishes are prepared to heighten your senses and much more besides, you have at your disposal two food venues within this top 10 we are sure will elicit your interest.

Area 31, Epic Miami

Located on a strategic floor featuring a panoramic overview of Biscayne Bay and Miami River soothing waters, this exclusive place occupies an important spot on our “romantic restaurants of Miami” list. Area 31 is ideal to sample exotic dishes prepared with seafood ingredients from local producers sided with bold cocktail creations, as well as international wines and craft beers.

DiLido Beach Club Luna Llena, Ritz-Carlton, South Beach

Picture yourself in a beach club facing the sea and enjoying with your significant other aphrodisiac dishes directly served on the raw bar Atlantic-style, as well as thematic cocktails conceived for the occasion. In this place you can watch the sunset or contemplate the moon reflected on the sea waves. DiLido Beach Club is hands down the perfect setting for a declaration of love.

Aphrodisiac culinary creations: Bars and Cocktail Bartending

Celebrating Valentine’s Day  Miami with aphrodisiac recipes is not exclusive to restaurants; the cocktail and bartending scene in Miami boasts its best exponents ready to recreate an ideal atmosphere for the occasion, an occasion accentuated with creative proposals from the best mixologists. Here we present you two of the best cocktail bars the city has to offer:

Bleau Bar

Miami Beach - Thing To Do - Bars - $$$
4441 Collins Ave, [LL], Miami Beach, Miami, FL 33140
Housed in the magnificent Fontainebleau Miami Beach, this bar affords all the staples to make this romantic meeting an unforgettable moment. An exclusive atmosphere, a dance floor livened up by the finest Djs in the city and a cocktail service specialized with a flair for new and surprising creations. Without a doubt, Bleau Bar is one of the most renowned bars in Miami.

Housed in the magnificent Fontainebleau Miami Beach, this bar affords all the staples to make this romantic meeting an unforgettable moment. An exclusive atmosphere, a dance floor livened up by the finest Djs in the city and a cocktail service specialized with a flair for new and surprising creations. Without a doubt, Bleau Bar is one of the most renowned bars in Miami.

Bodega de Schnebly Redland

A more laid-down and relaxed alternative, yet equally promising to declare your love, Schenelby Redland’s Winery is located south of Miami; this building southern style is surrounded by coral waterfalls, and features lush gardens with an impressive wine tasting bar where you can sample its exotic wines amid large windows and extraordinary murals.

Valentine’s Day Miami: Declare your love or propose in a different way in The Magic City

Perhaps this time around you want to try something different than going to dine, dance or drink and you are wondering how original can you be declaring your love? If that’s your case, the last part of this list has a surprise for you.

The Palms Hotel & Spa

Is there a better way to pamper someone than with a day at the Spa? Imagine sharing an outdoor massage session with your sweetheart at one of the best hotels in Miami. The Palms is famed for its holistic spa treatments, its beachfront pool, and for its unmatchable service; we assure you will not regret enjoying with your partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day such a reinvigorating experience like this.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

The luscious and dreamy gardens always have a special place in the hearts of romantics. This breathtaking Italian-inspired villa facing the bay affords countless romantic opportunities, its tours under the moonlight in particular, or its superb weekends outdoors; furthermore, it boasts a beautiful café overlooking the pool, which makes of this spot a fantastic choice to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Miami.  

New World Center

Valentine’s Day Miami

The New World Center is home to the New World Symphony orchestra and a piece of art in and of itself. An impressive venue, brainchild of the architect Frank Gehry (Toronto, 1929) sitting plumb in the middle of Soundscape, a 2.5-acre park designed by the prestigious Dutch architectural firm West 8, where you can either propose or declare your love in a romantic soiree with wine and cheese while reveling in the artistic and bohemian atmosphere that goes so well with concerts and media projections.

Eternal Truth Tattoos in Miami

What do you say to get inked alongside your soul mate? Miami gives you the opportunity to declare your love in a very original way. You could share a message between you two, get your names tattooed, or perhaps get a piercing to symbolize your union. Imagination will be your only limit!

Helicopters over Miami  

One of the advantages of enjoying Valentine’s Day in Miami is having the Helicopters Over Miami service. You can fly with your sweetheart over the city and enjoy the incredible views of Biscayne Bay or the Everglades. You can even include a meaningful spot for both in Miami in the ride.

Miami Beach Parasailing

It is said that love sets us free, and if you can enjoy that freedom soaring with your partner, nothing and no one will stop you. If your significant other likes extreme emotions don’t forget this option, it is sheer adrenaline to celebrate love!

As you can see, celebrating Valentine’s Day  Miami offers plenty of alternatives accounting for all tastes. This city will never cease to amaze you, for in it you will find all the options you need to lavish your darling; from conservative and romantic dinners, extreme experiences and exotic drinks tasting to cultural soirees.

Do you want to keep discovering new options? Don’t stop checking our Tapas section to find out more dining venues for that romantic dinner  Just remember that Valentine’s Day is drawing nigh and you should make up your mind soon!