Typical Latino dishes fill Christmas in Miami

December 14, 2016

In Miami, Christmas is the most popular celebration of Latino communities that are part of its multicultural mix.

Latinos are characterized by being cheerful, party-goers and when it comes to eating, splendid. They like to share with those who come to their homes at this time, providing diners with a variety of dishes that vary from country to country, but they always keep that spirit that makes them unique.

Meet the dishes that delight the palate of Miami's most popular Latin American communities during Christmas and New Year.





Its Caribbean flavor is reflected in its cuisine influenced mainly by Spain and Africa, for they can never miss the roasted pork in slow cooking, inside a box closed that is known as Chinese box, accompanied by a fresh salad of lettuce and tomato, cassava with mojo, fried plantain, congrí rice and Cuban bread, the sweet touch is made by cassava fritters in syrup, and creamy caramel custard.




For Argentines, it is unmissable on their Christmas table a good roast with a potato or tuna salad with mayonnaise, a tasty Vitel Tone  -beef dressed with tuna sauce and capers-  and a good glass of wine; for dessert a fluffy sweet bread, fruit salad, and ice cream.




Their roots have greatly influenced its cuisine, on Christmas Eve varies depending on the region, never fails the farofa -made with cassava flour-, turkey or Brazilian chicken, roasted suckling pig, homemade rice, cod-cakes -similar to the croquettes-; for dessert -slices of fried bread sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon- and the traditional panettone.




The Colombians share in their Christmas dinner  stuffed turkey, poultry  -roasted or in sancocho- the traditional lechona and the popular tamales are unmissable in the Christmas tables and to sweeten the palate, a creamy custard, fritters, salpicón  -fruit salad- .




The table of the Venezuelan, characterized by sharing with everyone who comes to their home, will always be full of succulent delicacies. The unmissable hallaca in these dates  -a soft corn flour dough wrapped in a banana leaf, stuffed with a stew of different meats. As garnitures, chicken salad, baked pork, ham bread, and as dessert papaya in syrup, angel hair and Christmas fruit cake or black cake.


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