Tips for choosing the best honeymoon cruise

Tips for choosing the best honeymoon cruise

Marriage is one of the most important steps people take in their lifetime, and after great fanfare, the banquet, and the festivities with relatives and friends, it’s time for the couple to be together without anything or anyone getting in the way; with this in mind we suggest going overseas and choosing the best honeymoon cruise.

Today cruise lines have pouring all their energy into expanding the services provided, that’s why they’ve decided to take part in the wedding industry and all it entails: a traditional industry that has been experiencing some innovations, for many couples are either taking their weddings overseas or celebrating their engagement on one of these fantastic vessels.

You will find many travel offerings; however, keep in mind that you should pick out that one which better suits your needs and tastes so as to make that honeymoon a once-in-a-lifetime and incomparable moment to cherish for as long as you are able to remember it.

Advantages of choosing a honeymoon cruise

The latest boom of cruise traveling is the reason why more and more newlyweds are taking this option to celebrate their honeymoon; a venue where they can spend their first days as married couples and enjoy all the activities featured by these floating hotels.


Going on a cruise for your honeymoon has plenty of advantages, increasingly appealing for couples wanting to have a break from the daily routine and begin their marital in style. Here we list some of the most striking advantages we found:

  • Unique experiences: You are surely to get one of these, and taking into account that newlyweds always want to be unconventional, planning your honeymoon on a cruise will ensure some out-of-the-ordinary moments.
  • Multiple locations in one single trip: If what you want is to explore different destinations during your honeymoon, a cruise is your best bet. Its layovers will allow you to discover the cities you arrive in and all of it on a single trip.
  • Luxury seagoing hotels: on one of these vessels, a five-star service is guaranteed, top-notch assistance you could find in any hotel of this kind featuring pools, gyms, restaurants, etc.
  • Wide-ranging activities: You won’t get tired of all the ship has to offer. Cruise entertainers have plenty of leisure activities in store such as enjoyable games, dancing classes, contests, which will make your honeymoon an unforgettable occurrence.
  • Guided tours: In some cases, the cruise line will offer these kinds of events to explore some of the layover countries or cities, thus getting to know part of the culture in the region.
  • Meet new people: A cruise is a perfect place to cohabit with new people, people who could happen to be in the same situation you are (newlyweds).

4 perfect destinations to go on a honeymoon cruise

You have already weighed up and considered the advantages of setting off on a cruise for your honeymoon, now it’s time to choose the dream destination, a task that may prove harder, since each destination has its own charm; however, don’t forget that everything depends on your budget and what you really are looking forward to sightseeing during the trip.

honeymoon cruise

Now we present you the 4 most recommended destinations that the cruise line brand Royal Caribbean puts forward for a honeymoon.

  • The Mediterranean: Plying the Mediterranean Sea will allow you to get to know marvelous cities and its countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Montenegro and Croatia among others. Enjoy streets full of history and the fascinating culture, and taste the best of this region’s gastronomy throughout the route.  
  • The Greek Islands: Mythology enthusiasts will enjoy this experience in which they are bound to visit the most important islands of the 6,000 estimated Greek islets and islands Greece encompasses. Let yourself be captivated by the popular Mykonos, the Ancient Olympia and the cradle of democracy, Athens. Places brimming with impressive myths from where you can set on a journey to humankind’s past.
  • The Caribbean: The tourist destination par excellence, bask in the warm sunlight, revel in its turquoise colored water beaches and the rich culture you will come across at each of the locations you visit such as Mexico and its Riviera Maya, The Bahamas, Bonaire, Curacao, Belize, Jamaica, which are just a few of the paradisiacal destinations you will get to know living unforgettable experiences.
  • Northern Europe: If living on the edge is your thing, this itinerary is meant for you. Get to know the most uncharted and hidden places on earth such as the Arctic Circle, the Norwegian Fjords, all of them with their extraordinary natural landscapes. You will also be able to traverse cities of Northern Europe like Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Saint Petersburg among others that will round off your trip.

Best months to book your honeymoon cruise

Once you are in the know about the advantages of a honeymoon cruise and the locations you will be visiting on it, the next thing to do is pick a date that works for you. The date of your honeymoon cruise depends on the date of your marriage and whether you can hold off on starting the honeymoon trip.

Cruise lines have realized that the most popular dates for weddings are from April to May, hence why most cruisers weighing anchors during these months prepare special events for the newlyweds and tourist packages meant for this type of growing tourism.

However, these dates are not constricting, since everything boils down to the itinerary of your choice, inquire with your travel agency for all the available options the different cruise lines offer for your honeymoon trip and the seasons in the year to visit that dream destination you want to explore.

Make the most of the honeymoon packages on offer

Thanks to the ever growing demand on newlywed couples’ side for cruise honeymoons, several companies have been forced to come up with ways to win this rising market over by offering travel packages accordingly.

This kind of package does not leave loose ends; many cruise lines offer specifically tailored services for newlyweds highlighting romantic bed breakfasts, cabin thematic décor, couple massages, etc.

Bear in mind that prices will vary according to the cruise company you decide to travel with, as well as the services featured. Take into account that these romantic activities might add up to your budget and condition other activities such as city sightseeing tours you surely would like to go on, therefore,  weigh up what you would like to have in your honeymoon so that it be as ideal as possible.