Street Food Stepping Up: Food Trucks Continue to Drive Interest

July 20, 2017

A decade ago, food trucks were an anomaly: You’d find them in hipster-cool places like Portland, but across the country? Not so much.


In the last few years, that’s changed radically. Food trucks now offer everything from ice cream to grilled cheese, sushi to cupcakes. There are themed food trucks by food style or food type, and a growing number of food trucks that focus on local, organic, or healthier fare. In fact, the number of food trucks now has grown well past 4,000, and they can be found everywhere from business areas to industrial sites, malls to music festivals.


Of course, major metropolitan areas tend to still have the most food trucks, with Los Angeles topping every other area from coast to coast. But as food trucks proliferate, they are using new methods of contact like social media to help potential audiences find them, no matter the day or location. Want to check out food trucks? See what’s in store with this graphic.


Street food stepping up food trucks continue to drive interest


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