South Beach: A walking tour to taste its cuisine

September 27, 2016

South Beach in Miami Beach boasts a melting-pot of cultures that makes it one-of-a-kind place in the world; here you may find the most diverse types of entertainment, from bathing in its beaches, eating delicious food and admiring its architectural marvels to visiting museums and dancing nonstop all night long.


If something brings Miami Beach to the fore it has to be its unmatched food offering through which Miami’s cultural diversity is reflected in all its glory; a city that gives you the opportunity to explore the cuisines from almost anywhere else in the world.


To discover the secrets of South Beach by taking a gastronomic tour on foot is a fun and different plan you can be part of. Just imagine walking South Beach’s beautiful and emblematic streets full of Art Deco history, with its impressive architecture of subtle lines and colors while tasting assorted fare of the international cuisine. This is definitely an itinerary not to be missed when you are in Miami Beach.


This outing is an adventure that mixes knowledge and entertainment, but most of all, flavors. For more than two and a half hours you will be engrossed in a journey abound with aromas, anecdotes and tasty experiences.


The tour covers between 5 and 7 restaurants of South Beach, from the most important and noted restaurants bristling with fusion cuisine, to the most traditional ones serving typical dishes that are sure to fascinate you.


During the tasting sessions you will come to know the origins of each dish you eat, their ingredients and the love each cook puts into their preparation so that your holidays in South Beach are unique and leave you wanting to come back again and again to keep delighting your palate with new flavors that you won’t be able to ever forget.


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