Shopping in Miami? Tips on buying designer clothes at astonishingly low prices

Comprar em Miami? Dicas para comprar roupas de grife a preços surpreendentemente baixos

Miami is appreciated and perceived by many as an specialized point of attraction for bargain hunters who are continuously searching for the best deals and are passionate about acquiring brand clothing at the best prices. The city entertains an incredible flood of tourists who arrive yearly to enjoy the pleasant weather and take advantage of the myriad of available options. Let us introduce you to the great perks available to those, who have wisely chosen to go shopping in Miami.


People fly in from every corner of the world to delight in the wonders offered by ‘The City of Sun’ as it is most commonly referred to, not only with the goal of enjoying its dazzling beaches and the famous nightlife but also wishing to go on exciting shopping adventures until the best deals are found and no store is left holding valuable items that will surely be hard to find anywhere else.


Shopping in the city of Miami adapts to all tastes, ages and preferences. There, you will find a wide variety of luxurious shopping centers ranging from businesses that can only cater to the rich and famous to other malls that integrate outlets where it’s easy to purchase brand clothing at excellent prices.


In general, Miami is a specialized shopping metropolis, a place where discount seekers can acquire items they are most passionate about while knowing they won’t risk plummeting into financial ruin by the end of the day!


Discount coupons at the Sawgrass in Miami

Sawgrass Mills, an icon of shopping in the great Miami area, is considered the fourth largest outlet in the world and the largest in the United States. A colossal shopping center that hosts more than 350 stores, the vast majority of them operate in similar fashion to factory outlets which may take you an entire day to explore! Leaving without buying anything in them is practically impossible. Well established vendors such as: Nike, The Gap, Polo and Tommy Hilfiger, among others, offer discounts ranging from 30 to 70% off, more than enough reasons to depart juggling stacks of invaluable items after experiencing gratifying shopping sprees.


Additionally, you will be able to find discount coupons that can be purchased for approximately $10 through one of the many information stands at your service within this incredible shopping destination. These coupons let you get great deals and take advantage of offers granted by local, top brand stores. Another great perk you can use to enhance your experience is the ‘Sawgrass Express’, a transfer service that allows customers to receive up to 30% discounts on selected products through a variety of established and reputable stores. Those who carry MasterCard credit or debit cards will be able to enjoy additional benefits. It is important to mention that there are even more conveniences available to those who decide to go out and shop accompanied by someone else, it instantly makes then eligible for more bargains and extra opportunities since many stores honor lower prices to those purchasing second items.   


Shopping in Miami and specialized offer websites like Retailmenot.com

Online shopping is a modality that has undoubtedly gained immense popularity in recent years, rapidly becoming one of the most attractive ways to hunt for rebates offered by a variety of products sold by high-profile brands. Retailmenot.com is an American multinational company, considered the largest discount coupon website in the United States. It is visited by millions of consumers who use it to connect with businesses, services and restaurants they love which, on the other hand, allows select vendors that promote themselves through the site (comprised of more than 70 thousand brands) to boost their sales at an international level. This convenient network, which also operates in France and the United Kingdom, counts with staff members that provide customers with the best digital promotions, including the eGift discount card, a fringe benefit that enhances the experience for both, consumers and store owners.


Dolphin Mall: a must-see location for those bent on finding the best prices

More than 250 stores are waiting for you at Dolphin Mall, a shopping center located just a few minutes away from the Miami International Airport which makes it very attractive for those tourists who will only be in the city for a few hours; it is definitely a  friendly and comfortable place to visit.

Some outlet stores that coexist here with others owned by well known and reputable brands offer impressively competitive prices. Discounts at the Dolphin Mall range between 40 and 50% with additional benefits offered by coupons and special offers granted to tourists willing to pay for purchases using their MasterCard. Dolphin Mall has become a classic destination for locals and visitors bent on last minute shopping sprees that benefit from formidable perks in an astonishingly pleasant environment. To receive more information, visit 


Brand clothing offers, all in a single place!

Some people love going to malls just to hang around and meet with friends and family. The spectacular shopping centers in the City of Miami provide those crowds with the benefit of discovering incredible deals available through top brand stores. We must now mention Simon.com, a commercial real estate company considered the largest operator of shopping malls in the United States which includes, of course the Greater Miami Area. Their website lets you find information about specific outlets, the offers and discounts they are currently granting and even give you the option to download coupons you can immediately use to purchase goods at significantly lower prices. Visit them online at