Quick guide to travel with children on cruises

Quick guide to travel with children on cruises

The growing demand to travel with children on cruises, has made the different companies take into consideration this audience who perhaps years ago did not see their potential, since all children under 3 years require special attention to which the shipping companies were not adapted or familiar with.

This audience was not attractive because they did not drink at the bar, or played in the casino, but when they realized that there were more and more family groups with babies who wanted to venture in family trips in cruise boats, they had no choice but to look at them and also offer them a quality service.

Previously the most recurrent age for a family with children to embark on a journey, sometimes long, was 6 years and older, an age in which probably the little ones did not demand as much care as a younger one.

Traveling with children and babies on a boat trip can become an arduous but not impossible task, the most important thing is that you organize yourself and find out which Miami Cruise Company and cruise itinerary adapts to your needs and gives you the best quality for infants, because being small doesn’t mean they cannot be distracted on a trip through the ocean.

In this guide you will find many information that will help you when traveling on a cruise with your baby in your arms.

What is the minimum age for travel with children on cruises?

travel with children on cruises


The different shipping companies in the world have their restrictions when traveling with babies, each one has the power to allow babies to enter and for this reason adapt their facilities so that the smallest of the house enjoy a comfortable and funny trip. That is why we recommend you to find out the policies that each company handles.

A general rule to which the majority of cruises attach, is to allow access to babies from 6 months for regular trips and 12 months for longer trips such as transatlantic.

Since you now know the minimum age that shipping companies allow babies to enter, it is time to find out if they have specialized medical assistance, a very important issue when traveling with infants, a fundamental requirement for cruise companies to allow boaters of little age and a reason why there are several companies that don’t allow babies because they lack this kind of service.

Some boats have special care for babies (babysitting), which is not mandatory and therefore parents should be aware that the care of their children depends on them.

Cruise programs for cruising with babies

There are numerous offers on cruise travel that can be found today in which all members of the family will be happy, fun parks where to spend unique moments all together or that allow parents to clear for  a little while knowing their children will be well cared and enjoying themselves.

That's why the shipping companies have special programs for trips with babies. These are some of those that offer special programs.

Royal Caribbean

Called "Royal Babies" a program aimed at babies from 6 to 8 months of age

Disney Cruises

It is the most complete cruise to travel with babies, offers babysitting service in the cabins with an additional cost per hour and programs aimed at children from 6 months to 3 years.

Costa Cruises

Provides night babysitting service from 11:30 p.m. until 1:30 a.m., supplying the necessary utensils for a baby, bathtubs, cots and strollers

Carnival Cruise Line

They have programs for children from 2 to 11 years old and children under that age can enjoy the facilities as long as they are under the supervision of parents

Celebrity Cruises

Provides basic adapted utensils for babies and babysitting services which must be scheduled 24 hours before.

Cunard Line

It is not clearly addressed to this public, however it has adequate facilities for children and offers babysitting service for toddlers from 1 year old onwards, children under 12 months must be under the care of their parents at all times.

Holland American Line

It has cribs and chairs adapted for babies, but you must request them at the time of booking

MSC Cruises

Their children's program is for children 3 years and older and must be under the care of their representatives at all times

Norwegian Cruise Line

Their children's programs are for children from 2 to 12 years old and their care service has an additional cost per hours

Documents to travel on cruises with babies

Whenever you travel it is necessary to know what documentation  must be carried to avoid any type of setback, and if you travel with babies it is even more essential to have this issue totally clear.  Everything will depend on the route and cruise itinerary selected and if it implies that you will visit different nations.

Make sure you have the corresponding visa and vaccines from your family group, for minors there is specific documentation that applies to this case:

  • Minors who travel with both parents: will need to carry a passport or identity document, parent’s marriage document and baby’s original birth certificate.
  • Minors traveling with one parent: must have a passport or identity document, notarized authorization from the absent parent and the original birth certificate.
  • This information is referential, you will have to inform yourself very well in your country of origin about the documents you will need when making trips with minors.

Recommended cabins for traveling with children.

travel with children on cruises


This issue is very important when making the reservation of travel with children on cruises, since it is  the cabin where you will spend most of the time with the kids. We recommend you to choose the largest space that is within your budget, due to the amount of objects required for the comfort of a baby (strollers, cribs, toys, among others).

Another important point is to know if the bathroom in the room has a bathtub. Normally the bathrooms in the cabins only have showers that may not be very comfortable when bathing babies.

Undoubtedly the most important thing when traveling with babies is to organize yourself well, and find out everything you need to make this experience a very pleasant one.