Miami Spice 2017: the world's cuisines fill the city with flavor

Miami Spice 2017: the world's cuisines fill the city with flavor

Miami Spice 2017 takes the city from this August 1 to September 30 with the participation of more than 200 restaurants offering a special menu at affordable prices.

The 16th edition of the popular and awaited gastronomic festival promises an aromatic and enjoyable journey through culinary expressions that reveal the cultural richness that makes life in Miami. The European, Asian, American, Mediterranean, Ibero-American cuisines are represented in international, gourmet and author restaurants, there are all kinds of food for all tastes.


If you enjoy good dining, in Miami Spice 2017 you can enjoy special menus that are small samples of the creations of the best restaurants of Miami, that offer an appetizer, main course and dessert at reduced prices: Lunches and Brunch for $23, and $39 dinners. These fixed prices do not include drinks, taxes or gratuities. We recommend that you make your reservations in time.

A dream come true

This is an idea sponsored by the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, an organization dedicated to promoting tourism in Miami and it is part of the Monthly Temptations program that segments and groups by month the main activities that give life to our city.


Miami Spice was born as a dream 16 years ago with the purpose of strengthening the low season of restaurants during the summer and today is an initiative that has managed to turn Miami into an undisputed gastronomic destination.


Restaurants participating in Miami Spice 2017

The table is served. From Tuesday 1st August until Saturday 30th September you have the opportunity to plan your time and budget so that you can enjoy with family or friends this pleasant initiative.


In Miami Smith we have prepared for you a guide with the participating restaurants. Through our map that divides the city into 4 zones, you will find in a fast and friendly way the restaurant of your preference and the area of the city where it is located.


If you want to know more about Miami Spice 2017, see the guide here