Miami Spice 2017: Visit the best Mediterranean food in Miami

October 04, 2017

Mediterranean food in Miami comprises an array of recipes and preparation cooking methods typical of the Mediterranean Basin born in the fusion of the different cuisines of Spain, France, Italy, Greece and the Arab states.


The main ingredients of Mediterranean gastronomy are olive, wheat, grapes, given that these ingredients are used in the elaboration of olive oil, bread, pasta and wine.


Mediterranean food dishes integrate the typical flavors of Southern Europe and Mediterranean food restaurants are renowned worldwide for being very healthy and for mixing flavors and products such as olive oil, veggies, rice, legumes, pasta, wine, meat and fish.


Prices and availability of Mediterranean restaurants

This year, in this culinary festival, you will find the cream of the crop in Mediterranean food in Miami, where the aromas of spices like rosemary, thyme, oregano and basil intertwine with vegetables, legumes, game meat such as pork, hare and wild lamb along with fish, shellfish, all of it coming together in the preparation of Mediterranean food dishes which are really healthful and delicious.


With Miami Spice 2017 Restaurants you will be able to taste an assortment of Mediterranean food recipes during the celebration of the city’s popular gastronomical festival, in which, between August and September, 14 restaurants featuring Mediterranean food menus at affordable prices grab the spotlight : Lunches and brunches at ·$23 and dinners at $39. These prices include appetizers, main course and dessert. Neither drinks nor taxes or gratuities are included in the price.


If you want to enjoy the varied Mediterranean dishes such as Moroccan lamb riblets, fresh salads with yogurt dressing, Mediterranean pizzas (olive, pepper, mushroom, spices and olive oil) Hummus (mashed chickpeas), salmon and cooked seasoned fish varieties, desserts with citrus fruits among many other luscious culinary creations, you definitely have to visit Miami Spice 2017.


At MiamiSmith we have made a user-friendly map hthat divides the city into 4 zones and allows you to quickly find the restaurant of your choice and the zone where it is located.






La Cote


Nautilus Cabana Club 

Tamara´s Bistro




Palmeiras Beach Club

Sawa Restaurante & Lounge

Lazuli Lounge




River Yacht Club

If you want to know more about Miami Spice 2017, see the guide here



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