Miami Spice 2017: Indulge in the delicious Spanish food at Miami Spice

Miami Spice 2017: Indulge in the delicious Spanish food at Miami Spice

If you love Spanish Food as much as trying typical dishes of spain as exquisite as paella, tortilla española (Spanish omelette) or chistorras, spicy Spanish sausages. In Miami Spice’s menu you will find lip-smacking Spanish food proposals which you can enjoy at affordable prices.

If Miami Spice 2017 has something going on for itself this year, it has to be the participation of exclusive and contemporary food establishments regarded as the best restaurants in the city, and with this gastronomical festival you might get to know them all pulling out all the stops without spending a fortune.

Spanish fare prices and availability in Miami Spice

Some of these restaurants take part in the event as dining options; therefore, it is important to book in advance, since most of these restaurants are very popular and account for the tastes of most Spanish food lovers.

As you already know during August and September you can treat yourself with the special menus at affordable prices offered by over 200 restaurants which are part of Miami Spice’s line-up for this year.

Lunches and Brunches at $23 and dinners at $39. These prices include entrée, main course, and typical desserts of Spain. Prices do not include drinks, taxes or gratuities.

At MiamiSmith we have made a user-friendly map that divides the city into 4 zones and allows you to quickly find the restaurant of your choice and the zone where it is located.


Bulla Gastro Bar

5335 NW 87 Ave, #C102, Doral 33166

305 260-6543

Appetizers Lunch Menu;

·       HUEVOS BULLA  Eggs, homemade potato chips, Serrano ham, potato foam, truffle oil.

·       CROQUETAS DE JAMÓN Serrano ham croquettes, fig jelly

·       TARTAR DE ATÚN Ahí tuna, mango, avocado, soy sesame vinaigrette, Sriracha aioli*

·       ALBÓNDIGAS Veal and pork meatballs, manchego, tomate frito.

As starters you may enjoy;

·       ENSALADA DE PULPO Grilled octopus, tomatoes, cucumber.

·       BULLA BURGER Piquillo peppers, cipollini onions, tetilla cheese, truffle fries.

·       ARROZ CALDOSO DE LA HUERTA Valencia style rice, shrimp, chicken, calamari, red sofrito, saffron.

·       COCA DE POLLO CON PESTO chicken, tomato marmalade, pesto, Mahón cheese.

·       SALMÓN ORGÁNICO Salmon, Baby spinach, chickpeas, lemon cream.


·       CHURROS Traditional fried-dough pastry, chocolate syrup, milk-based caramel.

The dinner menu features the following appetizers;

·       Comino de PINTXO MORUNO Cumin marinated grilled pork, mojo verde, Greek yogurt

·       KALE SALAD Roasted brussels sprouts, crispy kale, lemon maple dressing

·       HUEVOS CABREADOS Eggs, shrimp, shoestring potatoes, brava sauce, paprika

·       GAMBAS AL AJILLO Sautéed shrimp, garlic, guindilla

·       PATATAS BRAVAS Crispy potato cubes, spicy brava sauce, aioli


·       PULPO A LA PLANCHA Grilled octopus, corn purèe, garlic, parsley

·       SOLOMILLO DE CERDO CON MIEL Y CERVEZA Pork loin, carrots, shallots, honey reduction of thyme, and beer.

·       CALDOSO DE BUTIFARRA bomba rice, red sofrito, Spanish sausage, and wild mushrooms.

·       CHURRASCO MORUNO CON PATATAS Cumin marinated skirt steak, crispy potatoes, garlic and bok choy (Chinese cabbage type)·

·     SALMÓN ORGÁNICO Salmon, Baby spinach, chickpeas, lemon cream.


·       CREMA CATALANA Crème brulée, vanilla-flavored ice cream.

·       COPA BULLA Caramel, Green apples, Greek yogurt, strawberries, caramel foam


ZONE 2  Typical Spanish food restaurants

The Bazaar by Jose Andres

1701 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

305 455-2999

Dinner menu appetizers;

·       BAGELS Y LOX Salmon roe, dill cream cheese

·       GAZPACHO PATRICIA Tomatoes, cucumbers, crouton, sherry vinegar

·       CONE DE LA SERENA QUESO (D.O. Extremadura) creamy, slightly bitter, paired with walnut bread, un-pasteurized

·       ACEITUNA LÍQUIDA "Ferrán Adriá" liquid green olive, gordal olive stuffed with piquillo pepper and anchovy

·       BAO CON LECHÓN Chinese steam bun, pork belly

·       FOIE GRAS PB & J foie gras torchon, peanut butter, raspberry jam

·       "CUBANO" in honor of Café Versailles

·       TACO JAPONÉS Grilled eel, shiso, cucumber, wasabi, pork chicharrones

·       KUEH PAI TI Singapore's favorite street food - shrimp, peanuts, chili sauce *


As Entrée you may choose from three dishes: traditional veggies, fruits and legumes, and meats and shellfish.

·      PATATAS BRAVAS fried potatoes, spicy tomato sauce, alioli


·       ENDIVE goat cheese, oranges, marcona almonds, orange dressing

·       PAPAS CANARIAS salty wrinkled potatoes, mojo verde, mojo rojo

·       PISTO tomato sofrito, eggplant, cippolini onion, zucchini, bell pepper, golden egg

·       ESPÁRAGOS ROMESCO grilled asparagus, Romesco sauce

·       WATERMELON AND TOMATE SKEWERS pistachios, caramelized tomatoes

·       YUCA 'CHURROS' peanut butter, 'Garden of Ian' honey

·       BRUSELAS SPROUTS lemon pith purée, apricots, grapes, lemon air, plantain

·       PIQUILLOS RELLENOS DE CAÑA DE CABRA goat cheese, plantain, mojo verde

·       Not Your Everyday Caprese tomates cherry, liquid mozzarella

·       CROQUETAS DE POLLO chicken béchamel fritters

·       CHISTORRAS patatas fritas, quince alioli


·       POLLO AL AJILLO slow-cooked chicken thigh, black garlic

·       Fish en Papillote sauce alcaparrado, crispy quinoa

·       SAUTÉED SHRIMP garlic, parsley, spicy tomato sauce, lemon, guindilla pepper

·       SECRETO IBÉRICO DE BELLOTA Iberico potato puree, Pa' amb Tomaquet (+ $ 30 supplement)

·       BLACK ROSSEJAT paella-style pasta, squid ink, shrimp, alioli (+ $ 18)


·       S'mores Chocolate Cake toasted marshmallow, caramelized banana, peanut butter milk ice cream

·       KEY LIME PIE José's way

·       TATEL


Zone 2 


1669 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

(305) 604-0523

Dinner menu appetizers;

·       TORTILLA TRUFADA Spanish omelette with truffle

·       ESPUMA GRILLADA confit potatoes and mojo sauce

·       TOMATES FRESCOS DE HEIRLOOM Fresh heirloom tomatoes with “ventresca” tuna

·       QUINOA ORGÁNICA Organic quinoa with vegetables and feta cheese



·       TÁRTARO DE ATÚN Tuna tartar

·       ORZO RISOTTO Orzo risotto with shaved truffle (v)

·       VEAL MILANESA TATEL  Veal milanese TATEL with egg and truffle

·       ESTILO ANDALUZ DE SEABASS CHILENO  Chilean seabass Andalusian style


·       "ARROZ CON LECHE" rice pudding

·       FLAN TATEL HECHO DE QUESO BRIE  Flan Tatel made of brie cheese

·       LA TORTA DE CHOCOLATE BRUTAL The BRUTAL chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream


Zone 2 


1400 20th St., Miami Beach 33139

Barceloneta participates in Miami Spice 2017 featuring its dinner dishes, which as you know, cost $39 including entrée, main course and dessert. Neither drinks, nor taxes, nor gratuities are included in the prices.



Bulla Gastro Bar

2500 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables 33134

305 441-0107

Lunch Menu Appetizers;

·       BUNUELOS DE BACALAO Codfish fritters, homemade tartar sauce

·       GAZPACHO ANDALUZ Spanish chilled vegetable soup

·       LACON A LA GALLEGA Slow roasted ham shank, potatoes, paprika

·       ALBONDIGAS Veal and pork meatballs, manchego, tomate frito


·       ENSALADA DE LENTEJA Y QUESO DE CABRA beluga lentil, beetroot, shaved celery, granada, px, Leonora cheese

·       JAMON SERRANO Serrano ham, sliced tomato, stracciatella, basil, pan de cristal

·       PESCADO A LA VASCA Baked fish, Basque sauce, asparagus , roasted potato.

·       ARROZ A LA CUBANA sautéed rice, pork belly, fried eggs, fried tomato, plantain

·       CAMARONES AL CURRY sautéed shrimps, curry cream, confit artichoke, rice


·       CHURROS traditional fritter, chocolate syrup, milk-based caramel

Dinner menu appetizers;

·       MONTADITOS DE SALMON AHUMADO  Smoked salmon, cream cheese, truffle honey, dill.

·       ENSALADA VERDE CON MOJO roasted Brussel sprouts, kale, mojo, orange slices, asparagus.

·       HUEVOS BULLA Eggs, homemade potato chips, Serrano ham, potato foam, truffle oil

·       PINTXOS MORUNO DE POLLO Cumin marinated chicken, salsa criollo, Greek yogurt

·       BOMBAS DE CAMARON shrimp-filled potatoes, brava spicy sauce, alioli


·       PULPO A LA PLANCHA grilled octopus, corn purée, garlic, parsley

·       SECRETO CON LINGUINI Iberico pork skirt steak, torta del casar cheese, linguini, pesto

·       PAELLA TRIBUTO A FLORIDA Florida lobster, Florida clam, bomba rice, sofrito, calamari

·       STROGONOFF DE CARNE calf stew, rainbow carrots, wild mushrooms, sour cream

·       LUBINA AL AJILLO Lubina, garlic sauce, roasted potatoes, confit shallots


·       FLAN DE COCO Coconut flan, passion fruit sorbet

·       COPA BULLA caramel, Green apples, Greek yogurt, strawberries, caramel foam


Zone 3 

Bellmont Spanish Restaurant

339 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables 33134

786 502-4684

For the lunch menu you’ll find the following dishes;

·       ROLLITOS SAN JACOBO FRITOS San Jacobo rolls Ham & cheese rolls, chicken, egg, bread.

·       CREMA DE BRÓCOLI Broccoli cream.


·       SALMÓN FRESCO SALVAJE CANADIENSE Fresh King Wild Canadian Salmon, laid over greens, house-made soy sauce and toasted sesame seeds

·       PAELLA DE MARISCOS Seafood Paella

·       PAELLA VEGETARIANA Vegan Paella

·       FILETE DE RES CON PATATAS grilled steak with potatoes and green beans.


·       HELADO DE CAFÉ CON VIRUTAS DE CHOCOLATE homemade coffee ice cream and chocolate shredding

·       FLAN CASERO CON QUESO homemade flan with creamy cheese.

Dinner menu appetizers;

·       ALCACHOFAS A LA PLANCHA CON CHAMPIÑONES Y QUESO FUNDIDO artichoke and mushrooms with melted cheese

·       TOSTA SERRANA CON TOMATE NATURAL Y ALBAHACA Serrano ham toast with natural tomato and mint leaves over a crispy Galician bread.


·       CHULETITAS DE CORDERO LECHAL CON MERMELADA CASERA Tender lamb chops, house-made marmalade, mashed potatoes with pancetta and leeks.

·       CODORNIZ ASADA AL HORNO Baked quail in natural tomato, white wine sauce, onions and bread

·       LUBINA FRESCA DEL CANTÁBRICO Fresh Cantabric Sea-bass, green beans and carrots

·       TARTA DE GALLETAS COMO LA QUE HACE MAMÁ Homemade cookies cake like the ones mama makes

·       CREMA CATALANA Creme Brulêe


If you want to know more about Miami Spice 2017, see the guide here