Miami Spice 2017 brings the best options in Peruvian Food

Miami Spice 2017 brings the best options in Peruvian Food

If you are a fan of Peruvian food, Miami Spice 2017 offers you the best of the gastronomy of this Latin American country that stands out as a global brand, and represents its first export product to be highly appreciated by connoisseurs of good food.

Peruvian cuisine, history, culture and flavors

Its cultural mix, the harmony of its flavors, its pre-Hispanic ingredients, make the gastronomy of Peru a world-class cuisine.


A notable element is its openness to innovation, to the continuous development of new dishes, incorporating the search for experimentation and avant-garde within its flavors to develop a Peruvian gourmet cuisine.


Throughout the month of August and September you will find in Miami Spice popular restaurants, Peruvian places of the city that offer you their special menus at affordable prices.


You can buy Lunch/Brunch for $23 and dinner for $39, it is important to note that fixed prices do not include drinks, taxes or tips.


It is recommended to make reservations as some restaurants only participate in dinners, while others are very popular and usually are full.


In Miami Smith we have developed a map that divides the city into 4 zones and which allows you to find quickly and friendly the Peruvian restaurant of your preference and the area in which you are to enjoy Peruvian cuisine in the world Inside the city


Zone 1  Dr. Limon Ceviche Bar FIU.

10548 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33174
305 228-9200

In their Lunch Menu you will find as an appetizer;

· Drink: CHICHA or Cold Lemonade

· YUKAS HUANCAI'NA, yuca fried with huancai'na as an accompanying sauce



For dessert, one of your choice with coffee or tea

Within the menu for dinner you can taste as an appetizer;

· A glass of good wine, Dr. LOOSEN RIESLING

· And you can taste a DR. TOKYO CEVICHE, OCTOPUS OF DOCTOR MORENO (Octopus dish)

You will find as entry;



As dessert you can order any of your choice with a good coffee or tea


In Zone 3 is the local Pisco and Nazca Ceviche Gatrobar Kendall



305 / 630-3844


In their Brunch Menu you will have as an appetizer

· CAUSES OF PANCITA, cause of pork, panca hollandaise, chalaquita, poached eggs

· CRAZY CAUSE shrimp panko, beaten potato, alioli rocoto

As Entry this Peruvian cuisine offers many recipes

· TRADITIONAL CEVICHE, fish, classic tiger milk, field, corn, potato

· TEQUEÑOS cheese gouda, alioli rocoto, sweet and bitter Peruvian sauce

· CEVICHE CREMOSO fish, shrimp, creamy tiger milk, celery, habanero, potato

· AJÍ DE GALLINA PIES chicken stew, yellow pepper, chalaquita, rocoto pepper dressing.

· CHAUFA DE MARISCOS shrimp, squid, chifa fried rice, pickled vegetables, Creole sauce


CHAUFA CHICKEN chicken thigh, chifa fried rice, pickled vegetables, criolla sauce

· AND THE BEAST BURGER, 8 oz. certified veal of angus, tomato-panca chutney, red pepper alioli

There are three interesting options for Dessert

· RICE WITH CHEESECAKE MILK, cream of rice with milk, dulce de leche sauce, crispy quinoa

· SUSPIRO dulce de leche flan, meringue, maracuyá frosting

· CHOLO BROWNIE dark chocolate brownie, chocolate mousse kahlúa, ice cream lúcuma, walnuts

For the Lunch Menu

You will find the following Appetizers

· ANTICUCHO HEART heart of grilled veal, corn, chili sauce, french fries

· TEQUEÑO gouda cheese, roasted alioli, Peruvian spicy sauce

· FILLED POTATO Peruvian stuffed potatoes, solla criolla, tari sauce

· TIGER MILK mix of tiger, cancha, fish, octopus milks

As Entry you can choose from the following;

· AJÍ DE GALLINA shredded chicken, creamy yellow chili sauce, rice with corn

· CHAUFA shrimp, squid, chifa fried rice, pickled vegetables, salsa criolla

· DRY LAMB WITH BEANS lamb, cilantro sauce, canary beans, a side of rice with corn

· ANDEAN SALMON smoked salmon, quinoa salad, avocado, Peruvian sauces

· LOMO SALTADO SANDWICH Roll of ciabatta, sautéed loin, tomatoes, potatoes

For dessert there are two sweet choices


· CHEESECAKE A LA MODE chicha morada iced, rice with milk cheesecake

For the Dinner Menu as appetizer this place presents;

· CEVICHE NIKKEI tuna, red pepper, mirin, soy sauce, wasabi peas, cucumber, wonton chips

· ANTICUCHO COSTILLA short stew, chicha morada, yellow chili potatoes

· CEVICHE CALLEJERO octopus, fish, shrimp, squid, cancha, rocoto crunchy banana

· ROCIO FILLED red bell pepper, stuffed bell pepper, creamed potato puree

· FULL POTATO Avocado, shredded chicken, peas, onion, tomato


· GREEN CARROTS grilled filet, linguini, pesto peruano

· CHICHARRÓN DE PARGO fried red snapper, Asian hot sauce, white chaufa rice

· LOMO SALTADO grilled sirloin, soy sauce, vinegar, onion, rice with corn

· TACU DRY grilled roasted coriander sauce, yellow pepper, Creole sauce

· CHAUFA shrimp, squid, chifa fried rice, vegetables salsa criolla

Dessert to close:  

· THE CLASSICAL maize of purple corn, rice with milk duo

· PICARONES Peruvian beignets, chancaca syrup


In Zone 3 also participates the restaurant Aromas of Peru

1930 Ponce de León BLVD

Coral Gables, FL, 33134




Inside the dinner menu you can enjoy as an appetizer;

· A glass of wine or pisco sour glass

· Salad of octopus nikkei for children

· Mixed Ceviche

Cause mignon

For entry;

· Risotto huancaina with beef spine

· Fettuccini pesto with grilled chicken breast anticuchera

· Corvina a lo macho

For dessert you can choose;

· Picarones

· Passion fruit mousse


Zone 4, La Mar by Gastón Acurio

Hotel Mandarin Oriental, 500 Brickell Key Drive,

Miami 33131, 305 913-8358


For the Lunch Menu you can choose from the following snacks;

· Scallops of TIRADITO BACHICHE in 22-month Parmesan cheese with tiger milk, basil oil, garlic shavings and fake fish skin

· LA CASERA traditional potato recipe house of the cause, crumbled chicken, avocado, tomato, hard boild egg and huancaina sauce


· CACHETES DE TERNERA beef veal cheeks, chili peppers, chicha sauce, lima beans, roasted mushrooms ceppolini onions

· HUMMUS SALAD Mixed peppers, cherry tomatoes, red onions, Peruvian cask olives, feta cheese, fava hummus, pita bread, chili,  greek yellow yoghurt vinaigrette


· LUCUMA PALETTE Favorite Peruvian fruit ice cream

For the dinner menu the appetizers offered by this house are:

· TIRADITO BACHICHE scallop in 22-month Parmesan cheese with tiger milk, basil oil, garlic chips and fake fish skin

· PAICHE CHARAPA amazon anticuchera, banana tacacho (traditional banana dressing from the Peruvian Amazon), smoked bacon, sachaculantro chutney


Of Entry There are two delicious choices

· CACHETES DE TERNERA beef veal cheeks, chili peppers, chicha sauce, lima beans, roasted mushrooms ceppolini onions

· SPICY SEAFOOD seafood stew with spicy creamy yellow chili pepper, golden potatoes, olives, cannelloni, quail egg

And as Dessert

THE PINEAPPLE ice cream, dulce de leche foam, ginger jelly and orange sauce


Continuing in Zone 4, we find Lima in Atton Brickell


1500 SW 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33129


The appetizer for the Lunch Menu is as follows;

· ROCOTO PERUVIAN CEVICHE corvina fish marinated in lime juice and served with onions, Peruvian corn and sweet orange glazed potatoes

· BEET’S CARPACCIO goat cheese, walnuts, apple cider vinaigrette, microgreens

For  entry they offer


· SALMON PASTEL SALMON of roasted artichokes and grilled eggplant, served with light creamy lemon sauce

· LOMO SALTADO sautéed meat loin  served with tomato, onion and soy cilantro sauce

Dessert to close with brooch;

· MANGO SORBET served with various berries

· CHOCOLATE LAVE CAKE hot chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cre


If you want to know more about Miami Spice 2017, see the guide here