Miami: explore the streets of the city by e-bike

Miami: explore the streets of the city by e-bike

If there is something Miami has going for it is the wide range of ways available to traverse it freely. Today, we are going to talk about the guided electric bike tours, an activity where you may enjoy yourself reveling in the most important spots of South Beach and Key Biscayne.

One of the advantages of electric bicycles is that they will get the job done allowing you to travel miles without breaking a sweat. The experience, on top of being entertaining, is also enriching because an expert guide will accompany you sharing the anecdotal stories hidden in our quaint beaches and outstanding architectural landmarks where all the magic and splendor of Miami come together.


Exploring South Beach


With Collins Avenue as starting point, this itinerary gives insight into the most interesting facts about the fusion between old and modern in this cosmopolitan and lively neighborhood; you will get to know its extravagant locations, information about the celebrities that hang around at South Beach, funny stories as well as other fascinating details.


You will make your way through the emblematic Art Deco District buildings, the Holocaust Memorial and past the beautiful houses of the Venetian Islands and then go for a lovely and energizing ride across the gorgeous South Pointe Park. Explore at your leisure with complete freedom while having fun with the electric bike before resuming your journey and returning to the starting point.


An adventure in Key Biscayne


If you’re visiting Miami, you will soon discover that Key Biscayne is another of the most beautiful and sought-after locations in Florida, that’s why getting to know it on e-bike turns out to be quiet an adventure, one that begins at the Rickenbacker Causeway connecting Key Biscayne to Miami.


This island is definitely a treasure. In addition to featuring a bucolic residential area full of hotels, restaurants and stores, Key Biscayne is home to an ecosystem that ends up being the most protected and untouched of Miami.


So during your visit on two wheels, you’ll feast your eyes on Key Biscayne’s idyllic beaches and explore its parks such as the Bill Baggs Florida State Cape Park that includes the old Cape Florida Light built in 1825 which keeps illuminating the waters of South Florida to this day.


You will also tour along Crandon Park Beach whose estuary will strike you as nothing less than fascinating. Here you will get to know the old Crandon Park Zoo, nowadays named Crandon Gardens, still preserving the fauna and flora of the area.


Another stop-off point is Stiltsville, a beautiful place boasting a group of wood stilt houses built on pilings that seem to float above the water. This place has a colorful history that dates from the 1930s and it is where you will set out on the scenic ride back to the starting point, where this bike excursion comes to an end.


This is a different activity that may be the best bet for you if you want some speed and at the same time to connect in an entertaining way with the history of the most iconic places in Miami.


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