Miami: Everglades National Park

Miami: Everglades National Park

The Everglades National Park is the natural jewel of Miami and spans across 2.400 square miles. This vast bioreserve is home to exotic tropical flora and endangered wildlife species such as the American alligator, the Florida panther and the Manatee.

Historic wetlands

Everglades National Park history dates back many centuries, when numerous Seminole Indian tribes coexisted in the region. The exploitation of the land over the last century due to population growth in the area had a considerable impact on the ecosystem.


To ensure the preservation of this ecosystem—since it is regarded as one of the largest subtropical wetlands in the world—it was formally dedicated as national park in 1947, whose main goal was to safeguard and support its endangered species as a natural heritage for future generations.


To continue strengthening the relevance of the Everglades with emphasis on how essential it is for the flora and fauna in South Florida, the region was designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and it is also an international Biosphere Reserve and Wetland Area of Global Importance.


An excellent outing


If you come to Miami and want to explore our ecotourism offering, then gear up and bring along your cap, some sunscreen and insect repellent to live one of the wildest experiences our city has in store.


In the Everglades National Park you can go hiking, long walks guided by forest rangers who will teach you about the wide diversity of flora and fauna present in the region; you may also tour the park on canoe or kayak and even go fishing on motorboats.


One of the best experiences in the Everglades is that of touring the marsh on board the emblematic airboats and feeling the adrenaline rush of high speed gliding while feasting your eyes on the majestic landscape.


So that you don’t miss any of the many things to do in the Everglades National Park—open all year round—it is important to plan your visit. Here, we leave you with the park entrance admission fees, as well as its official website where you will find more information.


Entrance fees

Teens under 16 years of age:  Free

Pedestrians/cyclists: $8        

Vehicles (1-6 passengers): $20

Motorcycle: $15

Minibus (16-26 passengers): $100

Van (7-15 passengers): $75





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