Miami Beach: The Clay Hotel, a century of history

Miami Beach: The Clay Hotel, a century of history

The Clay Hotel is traditionally one of the favorites in Miami Beach. A hotel that gathers almost one century of tradition in one place boasting a privileged location that subtly keeps up with the action-packed Española Way, the latter a charming and vibrant Miami Beach area where the colonial architecture hogs the limelight.

The Mediterranean-style building constructed in the late ‘20s makes this hotel a cozy place teeming with legends. In its beginnings, The Clay’s facilities were witness to mob-related events and activities that are nowadays part of the history many want to discover.

Interesting facts

When talking about The Clay, it is worth mentioning that its walls keep a handful of stories that could be much more than legends. According to one of the most famous stories, the mafia boss Al Capone used the hotel’s facilities during the ‘30s to set up a gambling ring as part of his many underground gambling networks.

Here, the Cuban actor Desi Amaz would create the legendary “rumba matumba” craze, which took the whole United States by storm with its unparalleled frenzy.  The Clay Hotel has accommodated celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone or Sir Elton John and has been the center stage for many movies, series and iconic video clips besides.

It is close to everything

Maybe this hotel does not offer all the amenities and services that major 5-star hotels in the area do, yet it is precisely for that reason that The Clay is so special: the warm-hearted treatment toward its guests and its cozy, family-friendly atmosphere enclosed by the artwork of the noted Cuban landscape painter Pedro Amador make it one-of-a-kind hotel; in addition, without jettisoning the benefits and comfort  of the modern world, its rooms have been recently refurbished  to provide a better lodging service. The rooms retain their characteristic terracotta-tiled floors and their French doors that, when opened, will let you breathe the warm breeze of Miami while admiring the lovely view over Española Way from the balcony.

The Clay Hotel’s great location and easy beach access next to Lincoln Road will make you enjoy all the amenities so that your getaway might be the best with shopping, clubs and top-grade restaurants included. 




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