The Martini Bar, a “must” of Miami Beach

The Martini Bar, a “must” of Miami Beach

A hallmark of Miami are its bars, meeting venues that cultural diversity transforms into lively, cheerful settings, places to share, make friends and whatnot. 

It comes as riveting to find out that many prestigious bars of Miami Beach are located in Art Deco District hotels, the Martini Bar at the Raleigh Hotel is a shining example of this fact.

Rated among the top 10 best hotel bars in the entire world by Details magazine, the Martini Bar is one of the favorites among locals and tourists looking for some respite and quality in the midst of the hectic occurrence of Miami Beach.

The Martini Bar has over 70 years of history; it is a “must” for those who like unwinding and enjoying the comforts of South Florida in a snug and cozy space. Its 8-seat small bar and its few tables stand out for the professional staff working alongside, cocktail and drink specialists making up the Mixology scene. [Sería interesante tene run link a cualquier post que hable de la mixología], that has come into vogue in Miami and the major cities around the world.

‘Mixology’ is a term stemming from the craft of cocktail bartending that consists in studying more in depth the elaboration of mixed drinks, which covers from the sources of each of their raw ingredients to their delicate process of preparation.

In this place, it is a pleasure to watch the barman’s skills, whose sleight-of-hand movements and blends are a feast for the eye and a delight for the palate.

This bar is famous for the quality of its drinks, some people even say that the Martini Bar is the best bar in all of Miami Beach, which is why you must try the Vesper, a drink created by Ian Fleming for his agent 007, or a Martinez the precursor of the Martini, and in doing so, pay tribute to its name with a classic Martini with a blue-cheese-stuffed olive.

Special activities arranged by Martini Bar Miami

Every first Friday of the month from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm you can pick the next Cocktail of the month in a friendly event at Martini Bar. Guests have the opportunity of partaking in a sample of 4 hand-crafted cocktails to choose the winner. That day, attendees may enjoy a courtesy drink treat and special prices.

70 years of glam and martinis

The Raleigh Hotel is a gem of Miami Beach for its style and tradition; its refined decoration dates back to 1942, the very same date in which the hotel began to operate.

The Raleigh’s beautiful pool, location, architecture, and elegance are just a few of the noted attributes their renovated rooms rely on to provide customers a better service.

Designed in 1940 by L. Murray Dixon, well known for signing the blueprints of other hotel projects in Miami—all of which were inspired by the Art Deco style—, this hotel has managed to establish itself as a favorite among Miami locals, celebrities seeking anonymity and guests who feel a certain affinity for the hotel’s cultivated tradition.

Among all the Art Deco hotels in Miami Beach, this is one of the few that has retained its cultural history. The glamorous Martini Bar keeps alive the memory of Hollywood’s golden age with its ambience which will make you feel as if you were traveling through time.

If you want to loosen up in good company and enjoy the best cocktails of Miami Beach after a stressful day as though you had been transported to another era, then this is the ideal bar for you.

The Martini Bar is open from Sunday through Thursday 6pm – 12 am. On Fridays and Saturdays it is open 6:00 pm – 1:00 am.



Martini Bar


775 Collins Ave, Miami, Fl, 33139

Phone number

305 534 6300