Marlins Park Miami: Home to Major League Baseball

June 18, 2017

In the popular locality of Little Havana is Marlins Park Miami, home of two-time World Series champion Major League Baseball, Miami Marlins.


Built in 2012, with a capacity of 37,442 seats, it stands out from the most popular attractions for locals and tourists of Miami, a place that you must know when you are in the city.


This structure represents the sixth indoor ball field,  with which  the big leagues count on. Even though it is part of the last five ball stadiums built in the country, it is the third with the lowest capacity.


Marlins Park Miami design and architecture

This ambitious development was led by the well-known baseball fields architect Earl Santee, who has participated in more than 40 such projects. In fact, Sports Business Journal has named him the most influential architect in the design and development of sports parks.


The Marlins Park is located on the grounds of what once was headquarters to the former Orange Bowl. It’s a modern glass-and-metal structure, air-conditioned, with a retractable roof that, while it protects the spectators from heat and  rain, it’s quite a spectacle to be there when its floodgates open or close.


Miami Marlins baseball team: History and evolution

Founded in 1993 as the Florida Marlins, in 2011 adopted its new name as Miami Marlins. Before they had their new headquarters, they shared with the Miami Dolphins and Miami Hurricanes football teams, the Sun Life Stadium, now extended and turned into the Hard Rock Stadium.


During its young and successful history, it has been sub-world baseball classic in 2006, 2009, 2013, 2017 and its field is ready to receive the All-Star Game in their 88th edition.


The Miami Marlins belong to the National League and play in the Eastern Division. Incredibly, the only two times they have advanced to the postseason, they made it as a wild card of their division and won the World Series (1997-2003).


Marlins Park Attractions 


 Bar Clevelander Marlins Park: exclusive area located in the gardens of the stadium, where you can see the baseball game and between inning and inning to dance to the best music, eat delicious dishes or take a dip in its pool.


 Throughout the park are local Mexican food, hamburgers, pizzas, meat and juices.


 Official stores of the Miami Marlins: where fans take pleasure in browsing or acquiring the necessary equipment to reaffirm their passion for the team.


 Saltwater Aquarium: A novel attraction behind the Home, where you can visualize exotic spices of South Florida marine life.


 Bubblehead exhibit: large spring-mounted statuettes that swing up and down, representing a caricature of the most famous baseball players in the Major Leagues.


Great events at the Marlins Park

In addition to hosting a Major League team, these facilities have been designed to hold corporate, sports and charity events, concerts and even weddings. The diamond has also been transformed into a racetrack for the Champions of Miami race.


Definitely, a modern and versatile space in which the most spectacular events can be performed without the baseball essence being lost.


Some interesting data  


 Inauguration: 2012

 Capacity: 37.442 seats

 Size: MLB's 3rd smallest

 Feature: 6th MLB indoor field

 Innovations: Saltwater Aquarium

 Utilities: Multipurpose field


How to get to Marlins Park

 The metrobus lines: 93, 208, 3 and 7 arrive at the stadium from different parts of the city.

 If you use the metro you should stay at the Government Center station and make the transfer to the metrobus line.

 If you use the suburban Tri Rail system, you should also make a subway transfer to Government Center and take the appropriate metrobus number there.

 You can also make use of Uber and taxis.

 If the transfer is in a private vehicle the facilities have parking, if for example it is full, many neighbors rent their parking lots.



The Little Havana

The Marlins Park is located in the residential area of Little Havana, popular Miami neighborhood, home to thousands of Cuban immigrants. The history, art, gastronomy of the island can be known and enjoyed through countless businesses that make life on the iconic 8th Street (Calle 8).


For more information visit our guide 'Little Havana':


 501 Marlins Way, Miami, FL 33125

 Depends on the event












  Handicapped Access 




  Gift shop            


Zone 4, Miami Smith Map


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