Looking for Peruvian restaurants in Miami?

Looking for Peruvian restaurants in Miami?

Miami has a wide gastronomic selection and Peruvian restaurants are a great part of it. Peruvian cuisine is registered as a global brand, and it represents the country’s main export which is highly appreciated by all gourmands.

Due to multicultural influences, the harmony of flavors and the use of original ingredients, Peruvian cuisine is constantly rewarded and chefs usually receive international awards. One of its remarkable attributes is the constant culinary innovation by experimenting in the food development process and creating unique dishes.

As a tourist city, Miami has a great variety of Peruvian restaurants. We have made a list of them which is classified according to their locations in every cardinal direction of the city. You can check our map in Miami Smith, it will help you find the one you want to visit .

The following are 19 simple Peruvian restaurants, most of them offer typical homemade dishes, so you can satisfy your palate with an interesting combination of flavors.



The restaurant is not visually appealing, however, the food was delicious and authentic. We suggest you order dishes to share since food is served in massive portions. You should definitely try the fried fish, and “tostones” with a spicy “salsa criolla”, a great way to experience and enjoy this delicious Peruvian specialty.




Good Peruvian food, reasonably priced. The place is simple; although it’s a bit hidden, but it is definitely worth a visit, especially if you are around the area. We recommend making reservations through their website since they have special offers. In our case, we received a free bottle of wine because we were more than 6 people. 

This restaurant serves Peruvian and Japanese food. At the moment of this review, they were not offering any alcoholic beverages, their website wasn't ready, and it is noted that they still have some issues to handle as a new restaurant. It offers a 9$ lunch menu and it also has a parking lot in the back of the building, something very unusual in this part of the city. 

This place offers Peruvian-inspired food and has indoor and outdoor seating. The dishes are presented in a very elegant way and the combination of flavors makes it a place worth visiting in the Wynwood/Midtown area. In addition to that, they offer Happy Hour and the service was A1.  

Suviche is a mix of Japanese and Peruvian food, they offer sushi, ceviche, and tiraditos along with other dishes. A good place to enjoy two types of food at the same place. It is an original concept and already has four locations, we prefer the Suviche in Wynwood because of its outdoor bar. 




Dr. Limón is not the best located restaurant for tourists since it is very distant from the heart of Miami, but even though it’s not situated in the best place, its food and hospital-inspired style makes it unique. Although it specializes in Peruvian cuisine, its varied menu pleases all who love meat, seafood or vegetarian dishes.  The place is usually packed so you might have to wait until you delight yourself with their Peruvian specialties. 

A good lunch option in Coral Gables, especially if you like Peruvian food. Pardos is part of a chain of restaurants based in Peru that specializes in chicken, but that also offers classic traditional food like ceviche, tiraditos, fish, and salads.This is not a gourmet restaurant but it serves its purpose. 

Segundo Muelle is located at the heart of Coral Gables. During our visit the place was packed, service was slow, and the food was decent, nothing out of this world. Segundo Muelle faces tough competition with numerous Peruvian restaurants in Miami. 

Although it might go unnoticed in the busy Ponce de Leon Boulevard in Coral Gables-Miami, this restaurant is visited by people who work or live around. It’s a calm place where friends can enjoy typical Peruvian specialties. They have a fixed price lunch menu and all plates are large so we suggest you share them. Their jalea is perfectly served, fish comes in right-sized portions, however, what really stands out is their shrimp and calamari served with a delicious salsa criolla.   




At this restaurant, quality is at its peak, good food at reasonable prices. Generally, CVICHE 105 is very full (noisy) and the best thing to do is to share various plates, because the portions are relatively large. 

This Asian-inspired Peruvian restaurant stands out in Miami for its top-quality ingredients and the way they are presented. The menu was made by Diego Muñoz, who has also worked in Astrid y Gaston’s team, and is currently a nomad chef that goes around the world collaborating with local chefs. This is definitely a place for those who want to be adventurous, try new flavors and unique dishes. Don't forget to try La Cachanga (a dessert), and why not, some Peruvian wine.