Latin Thanksgiving Day at the Miami best restaurants

Latin Thanksgiving Day at the Miami best restaurants

Latin American and Caribbean cuisines season the Thanksgiving dinner at the Miami best restaurants, a city where most of the world's cultures coexist, which, apart from being part of the country, have brought the best of their gastronomy.

So this Thursday, November 23rd, enjoy a family Thanksgiving dinner with the family aroma of your place of origin in the Latin restaurant of your choice and celebrate this important date in which the inhabitants of this country honor the achievements and challenges that they have faced and overcome during the year.


Diversity in Latin American dishes for Thanksgiving Day in Miami

There are many contributions of Latin food to American culture. While in general for celebrations such as Thanksgiving Day most of these countries also use turkey, the pork dominates much of the celebrations.


Cubans prepare for example, the roasted suckling pig in a Chinese box which is cooked for more than 3 hours over charcoal in a closed box, and the final product is a pork that melts in the mouth. Even many people use this technique for roasting the turkey; black beans, white rice, plantain and yucca are some of the garnishes.


The culinary contributions of Mexico to the United States are indisputable, we speak of one of the most popular cuisines in the heart of the North American. This cuisine also provides stuffed turkey for this date, dishes such as cod or Romeritos mole containing almonds, dried shrimp, potatoes, sesame seeds, nopales and rosemary, and an apple salad as garnish. Buñuelos and guava atole are part of the desserts.


Another cuisine pampered in this country and that has more followers every day is Peruvian. In addition to the ceviche, the tiraditos, the lomo saltado, among others, for the celebration of festivities like Thanksgiving the Peruvians share stuffed turkey, baked pork with garnishes of rice gardener, mashed sweet potatoes and applesauce.


The hallacas, a thin corn dough stuffed with a pork, meat and chicken stew, wrapped in banana leaves, accompanied by oven-roasted pork, ham bread and chicken salad, are part of the Venezuelan delicacies that adorn the Thanksgiving dinner.


Argentina is not far behind. The baked pork, baked turkey, Provençal chicken,  sweet bread and the alfajores are some of the delights you find in Miami when you decide to have dinner at Thanksgiving in an Argentinean restaurant.


Another culinary culture rooted in Miami is the Brazilian, the city has many and very good brasseries from this South American country. During these festivities it is common to taste the Bolinho de bacalhau, the Peru of Natal which is the Brazilian version of the stuffed North American turkey, the Natal Tender which is a ham baked and cut into thin slices.


Latin drinks to celebrate

The list of drinks that Latin America and the Caribbean have contributed to the international menu of spirits for special festivities such as Thanksgiving is diverse.



- Mexican Punch: made with sugar cane, tamarind, prunes, apple, guava and tejocotes.




-Pisco Eggnog: made with Pisco, bourbon, milk, apricot liqueur and egg.




-Cream Punch: made with ethyl alcohol, sugar, eggs and milk.



-Aguardiente: made from sugar cane with anise essence.



-Mojito: Its base is rum, carbonated water, sugar, lemon and mint branches.

-Cuba Libre: Based on rum, black cola and lemon



-Coquito: made with coconut cream, evaporated milk, condensed milk, white rum, cinnamon and vanilla.


The 5 best restaurants in Miami to celebrate Thanksgiving

The table is served, most restaurants in Miami show their best culinary creations during Thanksgiving. If you dare to eat away from home in a place that connects you with your roots, here are some restaurants that keep the Latin heritage during this festivity. Let this day others cook for you.

It is important that you make your reservation with time.



The most emblematic Cuban restaurant in Miami. Located on the iconic Calle 8, it is a sample of the best of traditional Cuban food. Ideal to share the Thanksgiving table. They will offer throughout the day their traditional menu and special creations for Thanksgiving as a baked pig, with garnishes of cassava, beans and rice.



This popular Argentinian Bistro located in Midtown, besides serving its regular menu, informs that for Thanksgiving it has a special menu that includes pumpkin soup, green leaf salad with berry and feta cheese, turkey accompanied by mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, with cranberry, apple and gravy sauces. The apple dessert with pineapple served with vanilla ice cream.


CVI.CHE 105 

A very rich alternative to celebrate Thanksgiving. The aromas and flavors of Peru through a tasty and traditional cuisine. The restaurant will be open during Thanksgiving from 11:30 am to 6:00 pm.



Your restaurants in Brickell and South Beach, are ready to receive you during Thanksgiving. This year the special menu includes baked turkey accompanied by the poblano mole sauce of your choice, pumpkin cream with pomegranate seeds, of course it is worth enjoying creations such as turkey enchiladas.



The traditional 'rodizio brasileiro' menu can be enjoyed during Thanksgiving. However, to honor this festivity, diners have a special menu that includes the traditional baked turkey accompanied by cranberry sauce and vegetable and rice garnishes. On Thursday, November 23, they will be open from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm.


Sites of interest to visit in Miami for the Latino community

If you wonder what to do in Miami during Thanksgiving, this city is full of public parks, museums, as well as beautiful suburbs to know and enjoy when you are living or visiting Miami.

Actually, the Latino communities that live in South Florida are integrated into the North American culture and share similar tastes regarding places of interest. We recommend some very nice areas to see and activities to do if you come on vacation to Miami  these fall days.

Lincoln Road is a rambla-type area, a pedestrian avenue full of restaurants, shops, galleries in the heart of Miami Beach, the city most requested by locals and visitors.


Bicycle rides

No matter where you are in Miami, everywhere you find stations to rent bicycles. It’s an awesome activity for a day like Thanksgiving, because besides knowing incredible places you will enjoy the delicious temperatures of autumn.


Bayfront Park

In the cultural corridor of Downtown Miami we find this beautiful oasis located on Biscayne Bay and in the middle of the concrete jungle of downtown. A must see when you are in the area.


Midtown and Wynwood

The authorities of Miami have made great efforts to recover neighborhoods and public places for the enjoyment of the people. The Midtown of Miami is a beautiful place, where you can find residential buildings living in harmony with restaurants, shops and businesses, a lively, joyful place where you can spend some fun and recreation. Next door is Wynwood, the pink zone of Art and Culture, a neighborhood to which one always wants to return.