Know Why Miami Is Considered One of the Best Tourist Sites

Know Why Miami Is Considered One of the Best Tourist Sites

Miami affords a wide range of places and activities worth exploring, and for which it has earned over the years its place as one of the best tourist sites in the world. Miami’s streets brimming with history reflect the cultural mixture of the city, a melting pot where many different nationalities have learned to coexist.

When we think of Miami today, perhaps the first thing that springs to mind is its beautiful beachfronts in South Beach, and it is not surprising at all given the miles of coastline facing the Atlantic Ocean it boasts, turquoise blue waters enrapturing locals and visitors alike, which in turn makes South Beach the landmark when choosing among different tourist spots.

You will be left astonished once you arrive in the Sunshine City and realize that there are more than beaches to it: nature wildlife reserves, museums, historical places, and many other attractions you won’t regret discovering during your holidays in Miami.

Miami Is One of the Best Tourist Sites for Sightseeing

There are many leisure activities you can try out on your trips to Miami, and we say there are many because just one of them will not be enough for you to discover every nook and cranny of the city. Miami’s geographical location is hands down another of its allures; the city boasts a stable weather almost all year round with warm temperatures in daytime and refreshing temperatures during nighttime, these particularities factor in when deciding on Miami as a tourist destination.

In Miami you find everything in one place!

South Beach

Best Tourist Sites

The iconic beach par excellence embodying what Miami Beach is in full swing; miles of white sand and a turquoise blue sea inviting you to dive in, sculptural bodies walking or skating, storefronts of the most prestigious brands and celebrities going in the trendiest bars in the city, all of this is just a sample of what you will find there. 

Collins Avenue

It is one of the most vibrant streets in the city, perfect for shopping, dining and party lovers. Collins Avenue affords renowned stores that will delight shopgoers who love spending days shopping; it also boasts a number of culinary proposals you will be able to taste after those shopping outings, and at night you will get to enjoy the nightlife kicks off at the best clubs where you could possibly bump into a celebrity.


The focal point of the city is downtown lined with massive and modern skyscrapers where most establishments are situated thus becoming a must-see for tourists to enjoy both the newest and the oldest featuring spectacular views and landmarks such as the Freedom Tower and the American Airlines Arena.

Miami a City That Wins the Hearts of Those Who Visit It

Traveling to Miami without falling in love with her is almost impossible, for in its bosom a unique mix of cultures has emerged over the years highlighting it from the rest of the cities in the world and turning it into one of the best tourist sites ever thanks to a short-lived but rich history that has stood the test of time, and which both locals and visitors alike appreciate and value for its magical tradition.

There are more than enough reasons to fall in love with Miami and every each of them accounts for all tastes, from that person fond of the little details in life to those who enjoy the city’s luxury and glam.

There is definitely no other place like Miami and these are some of the reasons why this city will win your heart over.

Culinary Meeting Point

A culturally rich city, it reflects such richness in its cuisine. In Miami you will be able to go on a tour of flavors and aromas around the world: have breakfast in Europe, lunch in Asia and dinner in Latin America. A well-rounded experience you can expand by visiting our tapas section with over 100 restaurants in Miami.

A Diverse Cultural Offering

Miami boasts the greatest collection of Art Deco buildings in the world featuring famed hotels in Miami Beach. In its streets you breathe art of all kind and if you take a walk down Wynwood art just overflows with colorful murals saturated with artistic expressions. Such is the importance Miami has earned culturally speaking that the most relevant exhibition of contemporary art in the entire world, Art Basel, takes place yearly in Miami.

Visit MiArt and find out more cultural venues in the city.

A Nighttime City Par Excellence

Nightlife in Miami is epic and abounds with Latin zest. Clubs at South Beach rank among the most famous and worldwide renowned venues where you will dance to the tune of acclaimed DJs alongside one or two celebrities. Like the rest of the city, the nightlife scene is caters to all tastes, from the most bombastic rumbas to the most sober reunions are reason enough for celebration.


Miami’s Natural Attractions

Best Tourist Sites

Miami’s diverse flora and wildlife can be found placidly thriving in the two national parks that hem in the city from both sides, thus making it a unique city in the United States boasting natural attractions. The Everglades, a tropical wetland national park where you can go hiking and trekking while sightseeing its many wildlife species among which you can find the alligator with over 200,000 specimens.

Then we find the Biscayne National Park which preserves sea life by protecting mangrove forests and coral reefs; a place where the waters of Biscayne Bay allow visitors to traverse it from side to side.  

These are just some highlights of Miami also known as “The Magic City”, brimming with fantastic places you are certain to spend the best holidays of your life.