How to Spend Valentine's Day in Miami with Your Children?

How to Spend Valentine's Day in Miami with Your Children?

There are love stories that grow over the years transcending time and giving way to new stages in life; couples who strengthen their bonds and become families whose children arrive at the right moment to continue nurturing their love. These families enjoy sharing on meaningful dates, for these families Valentine's Day in Miami is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together.

Enjoying Miami with children on Valentine’s Day is not only possible, but it will also be a bonding experience to strengthen and knit familial relations together with good planning and organization. Knowing the wide-ranging array of activities this city offers is all you need to make of this holiday a meaningful moment for all.

The first thing you have to do is to plan out your itinerary. In order to do that you need to know what are your options when it comes to going out in Miamiwith your children, and given that we want to support you in the foreplanning of your family outing, we give lay out some ideas to celebrate alongside your family this special holiday.

Take note, this celebration is about to get started.

Make or Exchange “Valentine’s Cards” with Your ChildrenSaint Valentin in Miami

A fantastic way to kick off Valentine’s Day in Miami before going out to enjoy the city is to surprise your beloved and your kids with some original cards. You can make them at home drawing on recyclable materials, some colors and markers, you can even add in your favorite sweets! They surely will be delighted to find out that surprise.

You can also take advantage of this activity to foster familial sharing. Instead of having the cards already made you can invite them to elaborate them to exchange among themselves later on. If your children love drawing and cutting out, they will love spending some entertaining time with their parents doing one of their favorite activities. If you are in Miami with young children this is an alternative that can easily be adapted to the family dynamic.

What do you say to this first activity? Ideal to kick off the day isn’t it? Now let’s dress up to go out together and share a family Valentine’s Day in the city.

Valentine's Day in Miami: Satisfy the food cravings of the youngest ones

Once you have traded and exchanged cards, it is time to go out for a delicious family meal, for you can’t miss out the fantastic local and ethnic cuisine the city offers, not even on Valentine’s Day.

There are a broad range of restaurants thought up for family enjoyment. Dishes prepared to account for the tastes of the youngest ones and amicable venues to provide a comfortable dining stay. Eating out in Miami with your children is another experience that will make it on the list of good memories in the family album.

Regarding dining options, there are as many as preferences you have; it all comes down to your family’s tastes. Nonetheless, here we present you some of the best establishments to share with your family:

Go to the movie theater in Miami

The third and last stop on this family outing to celebrate  Saint Valentin in Miami  has to be hands down at the movie theater. Just imagine yourself and your kids in a comfy ambience, watching a movie, eating your favorite candies, it does sound great, doesn’t it?

The first thing you should take into account to make your Valentine’s Day family outing successful is avoiding lengthy waiting queues. The ideal scenario is you buying the movie tickets online and if you manage to go to a movie theater close to outdoor areas to take a pleasant walk after the movie even better!

In Coconut Grove you find Paragon Grove 13 located inside a charming shopping mall in the city’s center featuring outdoor wide terraces and live music on weekend nights. It is a great alternative for those looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their kids.

If independent filmmaking is your thing, you have O Cinema Wynwood, an independent non-profit movie theater where there are other cultural activities and venues besides to walk and enjoy in an artistic atmosphere.

What do you think of this tour? Do you think your kids will like it? As you can see, on Valentine’s Day there are plenty of activities in Miami to enjoy with your children, all you need is to be well disposed towards spending a marvelous day with your family.

And if after having a whale of a time along with your children you have the opportunity to end the day on a high note by delighting in a Valentine’s Day evening just for two, we have a wide range of suggestions to offer, from romantic walks to massage sessions for two. Check out our other Valentine’s Day related articles for more options!