Hotel Delano South Beach: where the famous stay

Hotel Delano South Beach: where the famous stay

South Beach is well used to receiving visitors of all categories, from the typical tourist, to the big jet set personalities. For that reason, you may run into some noted celebrity in its own milieu and what’s more likely is that they will be staying in Delano South Beach Hotel.

It’s no surprise why the pop singer Madonna has performed shows featuring her latest records in the hotel’s premises and even owned one of its restaurants; Delano South Beach has also welcomed Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, Owen Wilson and Beyoncé, who love to stay at the hotel.


Sophistication and comfort


Hotel Delano South Beach’s 190 minimalist style rooms, decorated in sheer white, project an atmosphere of peacefulness and tranquility. Its exclusive five-star hotel service, its renowned restaurants and bars are all part of the wonders you find in this Miami Beach historic hotel.


Many people claim that when staying at Hotel Delano, there is no need to leave its facilities, for they offer you all kind of amenities and privileges; its impressive pool is an oasis where you can listen to music, even underwater! If you are a sea lover, you have exclusive access to the beach and a personalized attention.


Historic architecture


One of the features of the Art District in South Beach is that this prestigious and nostalgic architecture is home to unique hotels, bars, restaurants and stores that bring a catching vibe to the beautiful city of Miami Beach as a touristic and entertainment center, but at the same time, as a venue for preserving the culture and history of Miami.


Against this backdrop, the Hotel Delano built on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean on 1685 Collins Avenue comes up as one of the most representative architectural icons of Miami. Over the years, this structure has stood the test of time preserving its Art Deco spirit, which in turn has merged with the modern world.


The Delano was erected and built in 1947 and became the tallest building in Miami at the time; originally designed by the architect Robert Swartburg, it was remodeled and expanded in 1994 by Philippe Starck. Such was the impression of the hotel’s transformation, that in 1997, the American Institute of Architects granted an award to those responsible for the renovation.


The Delano South Beach Hotel is impossible to ignore; its staggered slim design accentuated by its crown-shaped tower gives it its distinctive stamp against the sky of Miami.





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