Hostels with a friendly design and ambience

Hostels with a friendly design and ambience

While navigating through the cyberspace, we have come across a website that has caught our attention and deserves a spot in our blog section. We are talking about Hostel Geeks, presented as a simple, easy to navigate website where its entrepreneurs have created a guide for hostel accommodation using a particular evaluation criteria for this type of lodging, which are found almost everywhere around the world.

The interesting thing about this methodology is the fact that it’s not usually used for classifying conventional hotels, and emphasizes in elements to decide the qualification of the hotel as eco-friendly, design, personality, friendly ambience and quality of its staff, attributes that resemble more what tourists look for when they choose this type of lodging.

It is worth stressing that hostels are one the most popular accommodation alternatives in Europe for a very simple reason: the continent is relatively small in territorial extension; therefore, traveling to different cities in one trip is very common. It turns out to be an ideal alternative to lodge in a cheaper place than traditional hotels and with a juvenile atmosphere in which travelers are commonly known as “mochileros”, since they normally travel with all their luggage in a big backpack.

The website where you can book your next trip has a recommendation section and practical guides so you can get the most out of the cities where hostels are more popular. It also includes information regarding tourist attractions and gastronomy, written by locals who have contributed to this project. Most of the guides are about European cities, but there are also others for Asia, Africa and South America.

If you want to visit Hostel Geeks website, here is the following link: www.hostelgeeks.com