Home exchange: a new and exciting traveling trend

Home exchange: a new and exciting traveling trend

We are pretty sure that, before going on a leisure or business trip, you may have asked yourself this vital question: Where am I supposed to stay after I arrive? Most people take the easy route and pay for hotel accommodations, others go for renting apartment rooms. Consumers who keep up to date with the latest traveling trends can always count on the virtually endless advantages home exchange offers to single travelers and family members.


This concept sounds hard to believe, doesn’t it? This new direction in tourism has taken the world by storm! It allows travelers to stay at locations corporate hotel chains are simply unable to offer.


If this has already piqued your curiosity, please read on. Getting familiar with home exchange networks will let you gain access to thrilling and breathtaking hosting opportunities we are sure your family, friends and coworkers haven’t yet been able to experience.


What seems intimidating at first is actually really simple: a home exchange begins when users visit web portals such as HomeExchange and GuestToGuest, pick a destination they are interested in and select a house that fits their taste and requirements. You will arrive at actual homes owned by hosts offering superb settings! Home owners who allow travelers to stay at their properties also have the option (if you give them the choice to do so) to stay at yours. If you ever heard about student exchange programs, this is a similar notion where actual homes are being swapped instead of scholars from different parts of the world.


What is the point of all this? Home exchange systems were created to turn aspects of global tourism into more economic and feasible options. It lets travelers “discover the ways people live in countries they haven’t had a chance to stay at, experience new cultures and assimilate the authenticity and lifestyles that are commonplace to local hosts yet exotic to new visitors”, as quoted by GuestToGuest.


How does the home exchange service work?

Taking GuestToGuest as a reference it’s really simple. You sign up on their main page which by the way, is completely free and create a profile by filling in very basic personal information. Follow this straightforward, step-by-step guide in case it makes the process even easier:


On GuestToGuest alone you can pick and choose homes in countries such as: The United States, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, Holland, Portugal, The United Kingdom, Greece and Morocco, among a variety of truly exhilarating destinations.


On services like HomeExchange an annual maintenance fee of $150 is required. The benefits included in their plan allows travelers to:


  • Publish offers
  • Get in touch with more than 65 thousand contacts
  • Send proposals
  • Access premium customer service


Here is a quick guide you can use to start searching for options right away and on your own:


Specialized home exchange sites offer incredible options in more than 150 countries through Asia, America, Africa, Europe and Oceania. The number of homes with the potential of delivering unique and unforgettable experiences is astounding!


Free home exchange: pick your destination and fly away!

Have you made up your mind about where you would like to travel next? If you haven’t yet done so, we’d like to invite you to get started right away. All you’ll have to worry about is getting the airplane tickets you will need, clicking on the best options provided by home exchange sites will take care of the rest!


We will now share with you a few of the many, truly extraordinary options available across the globe:




Known as The City of Sun, a cherished, favorite destination! Are you ready for tropical weather no matter what time of the year? This incredible accommodation is located in Coconut Grove, just a block away from a popular Metrorail station that transports visitors to Brickell and the great Downtown area.


Definitely a dream location you will love to return to more times than you will be able to count. Its peculiar location, close to great restaurants, bars and stores, offers superb amenities and attractions suitable to all visitors, including even those with the most demanding tastes.



This sumptuous home is located in the Paraty Portal. Its virtues include a crystalline pool, a luscious garden and a comfortable hammock that will serve you well if your first order of the day is to sway on it and take a pleasant afternoon nap. This residence happens to be just at the right spot, only 15 minutes away from the local downtown area where you’ll surely be able to discover a plethora of joyful options. It also includes an ideal, winding trail, perfect for long bicycle rides with a breathtaking view of the Perequê-açu river.



This gorgeously unconventional residence will dazzle you just a short distance from the masterworks of Gaudí in the Passeig de Gràcia and the site of the Sagrada Familia (The Holy Family). You will find it in the Dreta de l'Eixample, right in the center of Barcelona. In spite of it being erected in 1902, it recently went through an arduous process of remodeling for the greater convenience and comfort of its tenants.


Traditional Berbers Moroccan home

This accommodation is ideal for the enjoyment of your whole family. Its Berber style percolates through ample terraces where you’ll be able to indulge in heavenly barbeques and share special moments with your loved ones. It is located in the magical High Atlas mountains of Tinghir. From this advantageous point of view, you will be able to indulge in the magnificent, unpolluted panorama of the starry Moroccan sky, a truly unique experience you can’t afford to miss if this stunning home becomes your destination.


Splendid residence in Sun Coast, Australia

This luxurious dwelling is located right next to the best Australian beaches. A lavish mansion with 6 rooms and four bathrooms, a cinema room, a relaxing heated pool, an eight-seater spa, a 22-inch pontoon boat that fits 12 occupants along with a three-seat jet ski. By giving a single click to this option, you will be able to grant your entire family with the most unforgettable vacation they have ever experienced!



How would you feel about finding yourself in front of this lovely Spanish mountain sojourn, away from the uproar of the city and the tiresome rhythms of your busy lifestyle? Surrounded by the Mediterranean countryside, the town of Santa Eulalia and the ocean; this fresh and open home includes a generous garden, a soothing pool, areas where you can easily fire up a barbecue grill and a number of other amenities that will let you enjoy a truly exceptional experience!


So there you have them! The conveniences offered by the sample destinations we have presented you with (plus the rest of the bountiful options you’ll be able to explore on your own) fit conveniently with the advantages provided by the marvelous functionality sites like GuestToGuest and HomeExchange bring in order to satisfy the hunger for adventure of travelers throughout the world.