Four best dance cruises in Miami that you can not miss

Four best dance cruises in Miami that you can not miss

Miami is the city where parties and celebrations are big, attracting so many tourists who want to get acquainted with it and to enjoy its good vibes; there are many ways to meet Miami and one of them are the best dance cruises in miami.

Here the water is another space for distraction, offering a completely different perspective to knowing the city: extraordinary views, good company and dance music will make these boat trips an experience to treasure.

There are different options that can be found when sailing the waters of Miami, from dance parties in different types of boats, to living a fascinating experience in the only pirate ship that crosses the coasts of South Florida.

Undoubtedly some options during Miami’s cruise season will make it difficult to take a decision when booking in on one of these ships to enjoy the boat parties from Miami, where the sea cannot be missed.

The best dance cruises in miami with Miami Tour Company

best dance cruises in miami.

An elegant 2-level yacht waits for you to sail the waters of the protected Miami Bay, lighting the night with a dance party where people of all ages can admire the city's night-time beauty while dancing and enjoying tasty drinks, as to knowing many people with whom surely you will have in common the party.

The 2 levels of the boat offer different ways to enjoy the party, at the bottom the attendees have a closed area and air conditioning, for those who wish to be in a cooler place and the top is a great terrace where you can feel the sea breeze while dancing under the stars to the rhythm of good music by excellent DJs.

This boat trip that will light the nights of Miami tourism lasts approximately 90 minutes in which you can see and admire the beautiful landscapes of the city at a cost of around $28, sailing from Friday to Sunday at 9:00 p.m. 

Do not miss the opportunity to embark on a great party, while the panorama around you captivates your sight, for more information.enter here

Boat party from Biscayne Bay

The Biscayne Bay is the perfect setting for visitors and locals to enjoy a night party in the best Miami style, a 2-level ship that offers boaters 2 options, the upper one, an outdoor terrace that has an awning It will protect you from the rain and a lower one totally closed with air conditioning.

Enjoy 90 minutes of the most stunning views of Miami, where the silhouettes of the great buildings are the perfect backdrop for this boat trip that departs from Bayside Marketplace to the southern tip of Miami Beach and then back to the landing place..

A professional DJ will entertain the night with music for all tastes, from the great hits that are heard in the nightclubs to the classics of all times and of course the best songs to dance. To refresh the body after so much dancing do not hesitate to visit its bar where you will have a wide variety of drinks and snacks to recharge and continue the party.

For more information please enter this link

Party on board the only pirate ship in Miami

If you are an adventurer and you like to do activities out of sight, we invite you to board the unique and exclusive pirate ship of Miami, “El Loro”. A boat in which you will feel all the pirate spirit that once sailed the waters of Miami, while you dance and enjoy the best views of the city.

 best dance cruises in miami

"El Loro" sails from Bayside Marketplace and has a duration of approximately 75 minutes, in which you will dance to the rhythm of the Dj music that pampers the audience with a tour of several musical genres. From the dance floor you can see amazing night views of Miami, under the starry sky.

A cash payment bar will be the ideal place to take first of all the complimentary beer for those over 21 and then drinks of all styles without forgetting to savor the snacks they have for you.

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Boat trip dancing outdoors

You have already seen the different options of the  best dance cruises in miami, now it's your turn to choose the cruise itinerary you like most, but with the certainty that each one has a unique charm and will make you live unforgettable moments while you travel through the waters of Biscayne Bay, from Bayside Marketplace to Miami Beach.

Undoubtedly, a ride that you will surely remember and that will become the perfect closing for a day of  adventures in Miami.