Food Trucks Miami: Restaurants with Food Truck and vice versa

Food Trucks Miami: Restaurants with Food Truck and vice versa

The Food Trucks boom in Miami continues to grow, and every day attracts new entrepreneurs who see it as a profitable business. Not only amateur chefs are running the kitchens of these restaurants on wheels, but great chefs have invested in bringing their gastronomic proposal to the street without losing the quality of the final product.


Every day, there are more establishments that decide to venture into this novel concept of street food in motion and within reach of all, realizing that you don’t always have to wait for customers, but you also have to visit the city of Miami in order to display your different culinary proposals.


It is also the case that the entrepreneurs begin in the Food Trucks Miami business and such is the recognition they receive thanks to the quality of their food, that have been able to open premises in various places of South Florida, giving the opportunity to the customers to taste the same good dishes in places perhaps a little more comfortable.


B.C. Tacos Food Truck

This restaurant on wheels offers 12 varieties of fresh and unique gourmet tacos, a combination of flavors and attention that make proud  its owner, Brett Chiavari, a food and beverage manager who left his job to experiment with daring flavors that he would like to find in a taco. After two years on wheels, Chiavari decides to strengthen the brand B.C. BC Café, a cavern-inspired restaurant where, in addition to serving its famous varieties of tacos, they also offer hamburgers, salads, wraps and more.


Address: BC Cafe 4801 S University Dr # 123, Davie, FL 33328

Phone: 954-801-4123

Food Truck: Normally at the Vodka Amphitheater and FIU Football Stadium

Twitter: @bctaco

Instagram: @bc_tacos




Dim Ssam A Go Go

The Asian Fusion restaurant Sakaya Kitchen is tailored to the trend of Food Trucks Miami, bringing their gourmet food within reach of crowds, fast varieties of dishes traditionally served in the restaurant as the pork cooked for over 8 hours, and the do-not-be-missed Bao Bun, delicious steamed rolls with delicious fillings.


Phone: 305-576-8096

Twitter: @SakayaKitchen

Instagram: @sakayakitchen



Cheeseburger Baby

This restaurant is considered one of the best when it comes to hamburgers, its originality and fresh products have managed to satisfy the taste of the inhabitants and visitors of Miami, an experience that is completed with the assembly of their own hamburgers as well as its open kitchen, which allows to see the cooking process of what you are going to eat. Its eye-catching Food Truck Miami, tours through the streets of the "Magic City" bringing its unique flavor to different places


Address: 1505 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone: 305-531-7300

Twitter: @CheesebrgerBaby

Instagram: @cheeseburgerbaby



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