Food Trucks Miami: 5 establishments you must visit

Food Trucks Miami: 5 establishments you must visit

Food Trucks Miami have come to stay. Their flavor fusions, mobility and high-quality service are the selling point for all lovers of good food who don’t have time to eat at a restaurant. Don’t let yourself be taken in by the fact that these roving restaurants dish up meals fast, since this doesn’t affect the quality of the final product at all.


This new business model, which comes mainly from cities like New York and Los Angeles, meshed perfectly with the cosmopolitan Sunshine city. Food trucks Miami reflect the cultural diversity that has managed to fascinate so many people.


Customarily, food trucks are manned and driven by their owners, amateur cooks or chefs coming from various professional fields such as graphic design, law, and advertising, among other occupational areas, who tired of the inflexible office hours wanted to embark on a new business undertaking and be their own boss.


Miami food trucks are quaint, both for their colorful exterior and for the meals they dish up: hamburgers, hotdogs, cupcakes, tacos and Cuban fare are just a few of the culinary alternatives there are to try.   


The best Food Trucks Miami


Ms. Cheezious


It is hands down one of the most famed food trucks in Miami, widely acclaimed by a large number of specialized food review listings in Miami and nationwide. Known as the Grilled Cheese Sandwich Kings, they have taken this customary dish to the next level with over 10 options to savor that include cheese with chicken, turkey, pulled pork and goat cheese & prosciutto. You can even build your own sandwich to your liking with a delicious choice of cheese and meat that will take you to the tip-top of tastiness.


Phone number: 305-989-4019

Twitter: @mscheezious

Instagram: @mscheezious

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MSCHEEZIOUS



King of Racks BBQ


For the barbecue pork rib lovers, this restaurant on wheels is definitely meant for them. A burst of flavors await all diners who want to try the assorted fare they offer: fried chicken, tacos, hotdogs and sandwiches. Its signature dish, the juicy lip-smacking pork racks dipped in homemade BBQ sauce and the traditional family recipe corn cream (Corn Krack), is the perfect combination that will delight the palate with irresistible flavors.


Phone number: 305-910-6523

Twitter: @kingofracksbbq

Instagram: @ kingofracksbbq

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KingOfRacksBbq





Forerunners of the gourmet food trucks concept, Gastropod is currently located in Wynwood and has been evolving to suit diners’ tastes. Gastropod is the culinary proposal of Chef Jeremiah, whose experimental cuisine mixes the Latin and Caribbean flavors to give room to original dishes prepared with fresh, seasonal, first-grade ingredients.


Address: 168 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33127

Phone number: 786-228-6704

Twitter: @gastropodmiami

Instagram: @gastropodmiami



Don Mofongo


Featuring an explosive fusion of the Dominican and Puerto Rican cuisines that has captivated a diverse clientele, this food truck knows how to blend traditional dishes from both nations without making them clash. No doubt the main dish has to be the Mofongo—fried green mashed plantains—accompanied with pork cracklings, shrimps, chicken or beef. The fare is rounded off with chimichurris, tripletas, alcapurrias (fritter dish), and empanadas (stuffed savory turnover), all of them filled with flavors that are guaranteed to make you smile


Phone number: 786-223-1886

Twitter: @donmofongo

Instagram: @donmofongo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Donmofongofoodtruck/


Dim Ssam A Go Go


Restaurant Sakaya Kitchen’s Asian fusion cuisine has been adapted to the new Miami food truck craze putting this gourmet fare within everyone’s reach, fast-food versions of dishes typically served up in restaurants such as pork that has been cooked over 8 hours, pork racks basted and smothered in honey and oranges not to mention the must-try Bao Buns, mouth-watering steamed buns with delicious fillings.


Phone number: 305-576-8096

Twitter: @SakayaKitchen

Instagram: @sakayakitchen

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sakayakitchen


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